Gel Couture

Core Shades

Dress Call



Haute to Trot

Model Clicks

Pinned Up (2nd post here)

Pre-Show Jitters

Signature Smile

Sit Me In the Front Row

Spool Me Over

Stitch By Stitch

Take A Walk

Take Me To Thread (2nd post here)

Touch Up

Zip Me Up

Summer 2018 Avant-Garde Collection


Bold Boundaries


Exhibit A-Line

Set the Seam

What's the Stitch

Spring 2017 Ballet Nudes Collection

Perfect Posture

Summer 2017 Gala Bolds Collection


  • Claire said...

    You've got to try Make the Cut! I'd love to hear your thoughts about the color. I'm obsessed! It's described as a pearlized nude greige but my bottle has a lot of lavender sheen to it. So beautiful!

  • Kindra said...

    Yep I have them both! They both have the same green shimmer but Twill Seekers base looks more purple overall while For the Twill of It is more of a steel grey/green oil slick.

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