Essie Serene Slates Collection : Swatches, Review & Comparisons

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I'm back and bringing you a collection I'm really excited about!

A few weeks ago, I was on instagram when someone posted an instastory that they found a new Essie collection called Serene Slates. Immediately I started googling to find more information and discovered they were already in a store near me! I was so lucky to get my hands on this collection early and to play around with it. I really, really love it and the good news is, all of these neutral grey tones are permanent! Let's take a look at swatches and how they compare to previous Essie's.

Generation Zen

This is a smokey mauve/grey/eggplant polish and I was so excited about it, it was the first one I put on. It has a nice pigmented formula that's smooth. I used two coats but this could probably be a one-coater because it's so pigmented.

Generation Zen vs. Smokin' Hot vs. Winning Streak

No wonder I picked this color first! It looks like a dupe for Smokin' Hot and that is one of my fave Essie polishes ever. In the photo you might be able to distinguish very slight differences between the two, but in person, they looked identical. Winning Streak is quite different, since it has more of a blue undertone.

Toned Down

I'm LOVING this color! Such a gorgeous smokey blue. It's super pigmented, smooth and easy to apply. Definitely a one-coater (I still used 2).

Toned Down vs. Petal Pushers vs. Cocktail Bling vs. Mooning

No dupes! It's darker than everything I own. It may look like Once Upon a Time (GC) but I have no idea where my bottle is, so I wasn't able to compare it. Boo. I also did a bottle comparison with Anchor Down and Anchor Down was darker and more saturated blue. Toned Down looked more smokey-blue grey and lighter in comparison.

Mind-Full Meditation

This is a lovely light nude color with a touch of blush. It needs 2 coats for full opaqueness, maybe even 3 on some of them. It dries with ridgey brushstrokes and you need top coat to smooth it out. It looks beautiful when the mani is done though and I absolutely love this color on!!

Mind-Full Meditation vs. Lighten the Mood vs. Mixtaupe vs. Urban Jungle

Mind-full Meditation is a bit different than all of these. It's darker and more "nude" rather than having so much off-white in the formula like Lighten the Mood, Mixtaupe and Urban Jungle. I thought about comparing Mind-full Meditation to Wild Nude, but in the bottle you could tell Wild Nude was even darker.

Serene Slate

I had a hard time picking out another grey in my collection that looks like this one! It's grey but also with very slight khaki tones. Again, it has a really nice formula, perfect in 2 coats.

Serene Slate vs. Social-Lights vs. Chinchilly

Social-Lights seems to have a similar base color as Serene Slate but because the shimmer is so warm and fine, it changes the overall color of it. Chinchilly is more taupey greige.

On Mute

On Mute is a beautiful deep charcoal shade. Just like the others, it has a nice formula and is good in 2 coats.

On Mute vs. Cashmere Bathrobe vs. Over the Edge

On Mute is basically Cashmere Bathrobe without the shimmer. Over the Edge is darker and more metallic.


Gadget-Free is a really pretty deep chrome color with tiny sparkles (think of the finish of Getting Groovy, S'il Vous Play and Apres Chic). It has a super nice formula, perfect in 2 coats. This polish was a surprise hit for me! I'm not usually into these metallic shades but I love the deep gunmetal tone of it as well as the fine sparkle finish. I even wore this one as my New Year's Eve mani this year!

Gadget-Free vs. Apres Chic vs. No Place Like Chrome

I wasn't sent Empire Shade of Mind by Essie Canada this fall and I didn't think it was a color I would wear, so I didn't pick it up myself. I do think that it would've compared well here. I'm guessing Gadget-Free is the sparkly version of Empire Shade of Mind which is more of a smooth chrome. Next to Apres Chic, Gadget-Free was deeper and almost had a taupe tone to it.

This is a great new Essie collection and I think most people are going to love these shades! I'm having a hard time picking a favourite here - I really like them all! I definitely LOVE the bluish one, Toned Down and the nude, Mind-full Meditation.

I will note that this collection comes with the new wide Essie brush and I'm not a fan. I can delve deeper into that in a future post. However, most people love the new brush and are excited about it, so it may not be an issue for you.

This collection is officially released today, January 2, but it may take a couple weeks to show up in stores. My London Drugs in Lethbridge, Alberta already has it and I've also seen it in some online polish stores. In Canada, this is a 6 polish collection but the United States is getting 9 shades - some of them are pretty interesting with added shimmer. I haven't heard if other countries will be getting this collection or not.

What are your thoughts on this new collection? Will you be picking any up?


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