Essie Spring 2018 Collection : Swatches, Review and Comparisons

Thursday, February 15, 2018 5 comments
You guys!

I'm so excited to be sharing some of the first swatches of the new Spring 2018 Collection!  The Spring collection is one of my favourite releases by Essie each year because they are always so light and fresh (always satisfies my need for more pastels ;) This year the palette is not only bright, light and fresh but also quite muted. That was the part that excited me the most about this collection, was how dusty and grey the colors are...but still somehow being perfect Spring colors. The theme of this collection is based around a sailing trip and the names are adorable (as always). How great do all these colors look together?!

Pass-Port to Sail 

This is a pearly, sandy beige shade that's quite sheer. I used Fill the Gap as a base coat before swatching this one, because the flaws and ridges in my nails always make these kinds of polishes go streaky. With Fill the Gap as my base, I only did 2 coats. The polish was thin but not hard to work with and I didn't have any streaks (probably because of my base). You can still see my nail line and up close there's very fine shimmer. (P.S. The bottle I was sent has "Pass-Port" written on it, plus all the info I was sent from Essie says "Pass-Port", yet I've seen it elsewhere written as "Past-Port". That's a spelling mistake I think)

Pass-port to Sail vs. Make the Cut vs. Adore-a-Ball vs. Tuck it in My Tux

All of these have Fill the Gap underneath for fairness. Pass-Port to Sail looks crazy similar to Make the Cut in the bottle but because it's sheer and Make the Cut is opaque, they look really different on the nail. Tuck it In My Tux is brighter and more white. Adore-a-Ball is quite close but Pass-Port to Sail is more greyish with that pearly shimmer, which sets them apart. 

Bon Boy-age

I was immediately drawn to Bon Boy-age. It's a cool dusty green that's a cross between a mint, turquoise and sage. And to top it off, it has a great formula for a mint polish! It covered in 2 coats and self-levelled really nicely. I'm impressed!

Bon Boy-age vs. Turquoise & Caicos vs. Passport to Happiness vs. Sage You Love Me

Bon Boy-age is quite close to Turquoise and Caicos which is GREAT news! I've always loved the color of Turquoise and Caicos but the formula always frustrates me to work with. It's a very thin, sheer jelly that takes 3-4 coats to become opaque. Turquoise & Caicos is ever so slightly more green and less grey, but it's very close to Bon Boy-age and the formula of Bon Boy-age is waaaaaay better!

Perfect Mate

This is a dusty pink creme with a touch of coral. The formula is nice and creamy and is opaque in 2 coats. It could've self-levelled better but top coat (mostly) smoothed it out. I can still see some unevenness on my middle finger. I know lots of people like colors like this, but it was really unflattering on my skin tone. This one's not for me. 

Perfect Mate vs. Stones 'n' Roses vs. Fun in the Gondola vs. Eternal Optimist

Fun in the Gondola and Eternal Optimist are quite different but Stones 'n' Roses is similar in tone to Perfect Mate. Stones 'n' Roses is a bit brighter and Perfect Mate is dustier and more toned down, but these polishes are definitely cousins.

At the Helm

This is an interesting polish that I haven't really seen from Essie. It's a dusty orangey coral with tomato tones. It's actually also got some butterscotch/burnt sienna tones to it that I think will be really great in the Fall (my camera made this polish look brighter than it is in real life. Trust me, there's burnt sienna and butterscotch tones in this one!) It has a great formula and is smooth and opaque in 2 coats. 

At the Helm vs. Sunshine State of Mind vs. Fondant of You vs. Tart Deco

I have nothing like At the Helm at all. Sunshine State of Mind is much brighter than even the photo would have you believe. At the Helm definitely looks dusty and toned down in comparison with those butterscotch undertones I mentioned earlier. 

Anchor Down

Ok. I'm absolutely LOVING this color!!! Like totally obsessed. My fave of the whole collection for sure. Not only is this smokey pewter denim color so cool, but the formula is super opaque and incredible. It's a one-coater and applies so easily. 

Anchor Down vs. Winning Streak vs. Bobbing for Baubles vs. Mind Your Mittens

I really have nothing like Anchor Down in my collection. It's like the blue version of Winning Streak. 

Stripes and Sails

This is a really pretty teal creme that's toned down just slightly with grey tones. It actually looks a bit more blue in person than my picture is showing. Not by much, but I feel like this picture looks really green, whereas it's definitely more of a blue green. The formula again was great in 2 coats. 

Stripes & Sails vs. Going Incognito vs. Go Overboard vs. Garden Variety

I searched my collection but found no other teal polishes like Stripes and Sails. Everything was either too green or too dark. Even Garden Variety was totally different and that's all I could think of when I saw Stripes & Sails. 

I adore the way this collection looks altogether and I'm loving those dusty grey tones of this palette (anyone else obsessed with grey this winter/spring??). My hands down favourite is Anchor Down but I also really like Bon Boy-age.

This collection will be readily available in March, although I've seen lots of insta friends already find it at Target and on Amazon.

I'm super curious...what are your thoughts on this collection? Any standout faves?

These polishes were sent to me by Essie Canada but I'm always 100% honest in my opinions. 


  • Cassandra said...

    I am SO into Anchor Down and Bon boy-age!
    I love Stripes and sails too! Can't wait to grad these Kindraaaa.
    Thank you for your Comparisons,you're kicking the game as always ;)

  • Cat said...

    Hi Kindra! I do not like this collection -- I crave light, bright, *pretty* colors in the spring, and the graying down of these polishes brings my mood down. It also makes me set my wallet down and NOT buy any of them! But -- I love the theme and agree with you that these names are creative and adorable. ;) Thanks for the review!!

  • April said...

    Hi Kindra
    love the pass port to sail and anchor down definitely have to add those to my collection.
    What do you use on your cuticles they always look so healthy?

  • Sarah said...

    I would have liked to see stripes and sails compared to trophy wife... it's a gorgeous colour that I need!!!

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