Essie Desert Mirage 2018 Collection : Swatches, Review & Comparisons

Tuesday, February 13, 2018 4 comments

Hey Girlies!

This post feels long overdue and I'm sure you've already seen swatches of these pretty earthy tones already, but I couldn't NOT do a post on them. Plus, you want to see comparisons right? Me too. Ok it's settled, let's get to it!

Lighten the Mood

I absolutely love these kinds of colors, so I should be excited about this one but I feel like we've seen this exact color before, you know? It has a smooth formula, but streaky on the first coat. Still a bit patchy on the second coat but some nails looked good, so this one's opaque in 2-3 coats. It looked the best on me with three coats and top coat to smooth it out. 

Lighten the Mood vs. Mix Taupe vs. Urban Jungle vs. Between the Seats vs. Topless and Barefoot

Lighten the Mood is closest to Urban Jungle and Mix Taupe but not a complete dupe. The other two are more of a light cream and Lighten the Mood has more blush/nudes tones. But very close. If you picked up Mix Taupe in the fall, I don't think you'll need this one. But if you didn't and you regretted missing out on it (it was one of my faves of 2017) this one would be great to pick up. It's such a flattering shade.

Let it Glow

This isn't the typical kind of color I go for, but it looks very pretty on. It's a peachy pink coral with golden shimmer. The formula was very smooth and covered nicely in 2 coats.

Let it Glow vs. Oh Behave vs. Stones 'n' Roses vs. Fun in the Gondola

I have absolutely no other Essie's in my collection that compares. I know everyone has been interested to know how Oh Behave compares, but it's much lighter and peachier. If you like this shade, it's got a good formula and is unique.

Less is Aura

The color surprised me. It's very cafe au lait and looked way more flattering on then I expected it to be. So beautiful, smooth and opaque! Very nice formula. Opaque in 2 coats and nice and self-leveling.

Less is Aura vs. Suit & Tied vs. Sorrento Yourself vs. Clothing Optional vs. Mamba

While these are all a similar color, they all have different undertones. Less is Aura is the most neutral, the rest are more warm toned.

Blue-tiful Horizon

Absolutely gorgeous. I'm in love with this color, it's very interesting. It's a mix of a medium blue with purple tones but it's also kind of dusty. Then it's loaded with warm pink shimmer that shows up in all lighting. It's so stunning! It has a thinner formula that goes on tiny bit streaky, but it's perfectly smooth, opaque and self-levelled in 2 coats.

Blue-tiful Horizon vs. Smooth Sailing vs. Pret a Surfer

I have absolutely nothing in my collection that compares to Blue-tiful Horizon, which makes me love it even more. 

Seeing Stars

WOW. Loving this one! It's full of little tiny copper shimmer to give the polish depth. Beautiful to apply in 2 coats.

Seeing Stars vs. Partner in Crime vs. Ready to Boa

Sorry the lighting doesn't fully show the differences, but Partner in Crime is a solid chocolate brown and deeper in tone than Seeing Stars. Ready to Boa has the same shimmery finish but is much more purpley-red toned with red shimmer. Another unique one.

Hazy Daze

This is such a gorgeous color! It's a deeply rich and pigmented ultra-violet purple. It has a beautiful formula and is opaque in 2 coats. No issues at all.

Hazy Daze vs. Kimono Over vs. Under the Twilight vs. Turn 'n' Pose

Under the Twilight and Kimono Over are just a touch darker than Hazy Daze but they are quite close. Kimono Over has more of a plum undertone and Hazy Daze is a true ultra violet. Turn 'n' Pose is much lighter and more plummy.

The cool thing about this collection is that these are all permanent additions! I'm loving these gorgeous, rich earth tones with small pops of color and shimmer. My absolute favourite of the collection is Blue-tiful Horizon but I also really like Seeing Stars. And did you notice that all the formula's were great?! Did you pick up any from this collection? Which is your favourite shade?

I'm sorry this post came so late, but I promise you a reeeeeealllly good post on Thursday that you'll want to see!! Any guesses what it might be?

These polishes were sent to me by Essie Canada but I always give my 100% honest opinion!


  • Unknown said...


    Anyway, great post and comparisons as always! Really glad that these are permanent so people should have an easier time getting a hold of them...even in the UK! Over here, Let It Glow is a Superdrug exclusive but I'm hoping they'll still roll out the rest of the shades eventually!

  • Cat said...

    Hi Kindra! Thanks for this review and especially the comparisons. I think those are always my favorite part of your posts here!! I agree with your assessment of Lighten the Mood, having more blush undertones. I immediately knew it would be complimentary to my pale skin tone, much more so than any of the other nudes you compared it with here. I ran out and bought it as soon as I saw this collection in my local Walgreen's!! And overall, I think this is a lovely, unique collection; much better than either the resort or the spring collections this year. Resort is a yawnfest for me, and spring is a fall collection lying about its name!! (Sorry, Essie! That's just my opinion!)

  • pearl said...

    I actually bought Let it Glow based on your comparison, because Stones and Roses looks so good with my complexion. Good move! Thanks for taking the time. I always check out your blog when a new Essie launch is due.

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