Coming Soon : Essie Gel Couture Wedding Collection 2018 x designer Reem Acra

Thursday, February 15, 2018 3 comments

I posted swatches this morning of the brand new Spring 2018 Collection  and also woke up to news of the upcoming Gel Couture Wedding Collection!

Last year Essie collabed with wedding dress designer Monique Lhuillier and came out with 6 brand new Gel Couture shades for the wedding collection and this year their collaboration is with designer Reem Acra. Essie has always been a brand about fashion and high style, so I love this collab.

I read some interviews with Reem Acra and she said she brought in samples of her work and signature colors to get an idea of where they wanted their color story to end up, but then built a narrative around the intimate details of the bride and all the people in her life who help her get ready on the big day. Friends, sisters, bridesmaids, mother...she's got something for everyone in this line up. 
Here are the shades and Reem Acra tells the stories behind them:

Picture Perfect

A sheer ivory white accented with golden shimmer.
"This white color infused with pearls gives depth to the meaning of commitment. It is pure and loaded with history of my background. My father bought me a jewelry box as a little girl, and it always had these loose pearls."

Getting Intricate

An eggshell blue. 
"The color blue is not just any color - it really has the spirit of good luck. Blue has always been a color of luck and is a must for the bridal party to use in some way or another."

You're Golden

A light gold yellow.
"There is never a collection of mine without the color gold - it is my signature shade. After all, it also symbolizes my jewelry box world."

Handmade of Honor

A blush metallic tinted with a light rose.
"This shade of polish is neutral yet regal. It gives the hint of purity and friendship, something you depend on your designated maid of honor for."

Moments to Mrs.

An orchid mauve with iridescent flakes.
"We all need a boost of color to remind us of the good life and all the opportunities we have. This lead shade for the collection helps to celebrate friendship, the union of two people and two families, as well as the beginning of the promise of a new life."

Forever Family

A pearly mulberry red with violet blue undertones.
"Family is forever, and so is the color red. It is a color of passion, energy and love. When I think about how important it must be for the family - or friends that feel like family - to be present, I knew I wanted this shade to be red. 

I love how thoughtful this whole collection is and how it's based on the people in a brides life. I also love that it's not just a collection for the bride to choose what color she will wear on her wedding day, but what will the mother of the bride, the bridesmaids, and the guests will choose. There is something for everyone and it's very regal and befitting such a momentous occasion. 

I'm ESPECIALLY loving Getting Intricate. My goodness, look at that robin's egg blue!!

This collection will be available in March. All info I found for this collection was on, The Knot, and

What are your thoughts? Are you digging these new Gel Couture shades? Do you like that Essie has come out with Gel Couture polishes as their wedding collection the last two years?


  • Shimmering Highlights said...

    This collection looks lovely. I love that they keep bringing out new gel couture collections.
    The two I'm liking the look of the most are Forever Family and Handmade of Honor.

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