Top 17 Essie Polishes Released in 2017

Thursday, January 18, 2018 7 comments
Hello Obsessie's!

I didn't want to get too far into January without sharing my favourite polishes of 2017. I even debated sharing them at all because it's so late! (although, when I look back on my previous yearly favourites, I see I posted them on January 12 and January 15, so January 18th isn't that much later! Apparently I'm always reeling to catch up after the holidays, haha). Anyways, I did it a bit different this year. I usually pick my top 10 that were released that year, but I had too many faves so I went with 17. Also, there was a hashtag started in our obsessie community by Cassandra of @madamevernis asking us to post our top 6 faves of the year, so I made sure to save my very favourite top 6 for the end. My honourable mentions that weren't released in 2017 are included at the end because I fell HARD for them. In case you are interested to read more about these polishes or see comparisons, the title of the polish is linked to the original post.

Ok, ok. There's going to be about 5461 polishes in this post so we better stop chatting and get to it!

Dress is More

I left 2016 saying all I wanted for 2017 was more Gel Couture and Essie delivered. Instead of a bridal collection released in the regular formula, we saw a Gel Couture Bridal Collection. The whole thing was gorgeous, but this is the polish that I reached for over and over again. I just loved how clean and elegant my nails looked every time I wore this polish.  When my friend Lauren (@laurenslist) was getting married and couldn't decide what to wear on her nails, I would message her and say Dress is More!!

Designated DJ

The funny thing about this polish was that I wasn't that excited about it because I thought it was a dupe for Bahama Mama or one of the other million burgundy polishes I have. But I couldn't find a single dupe for it. And the formula is incredible! Super buttery and opaque. It also has stronger purple tones than a lot of my other burgundy's that lean more red or red-brown. Once fall hit, I was all over this polish. 

S'il Vous Play

I was so excited to see Essie do something that was so different for them with this polish. It's not a typical chrome polish where you see all the brushstrokes but it still has an incredible metallic shine and is super reflective. This one is a lot of fun. 

Winning Streak

The Wild Nudes Collection that Essie came out with, was overall, a complete winner. Every polish was beautiful and wearable, but the one that stole my heart was Winning Streak. It's the one that I rushed out to buy and it totally didn't disappoint me. It's got such a sexy, smokey vibe to it, similar to Smokin Hot, and yet they are really different. 


I was obsessed with the look of this four-polish resort collection. As a whole, it was my favourite Resort Collection since 2013. I'm actually surprised that this one ended up being my fave from the collection. I honestly thought that I was over mint polishes but I guess not, because this one is a beauty! I love the grey in it that tones it down. 

Front Page Worthy

This polish came out in the summer, celebrating the one-year anniversary of the release of Gel Couture polishes. The collection was called Gala Bolds and us Canadians only saw half of the polishes, so my husband ran all over downtown Chicago to seek it out for me! It is a stunner on the nails. 


I loved the 90's vibe of the Fall Collection. The names were so fun! I loved this polish because it was like the more pink and less grey version of Urban Jungle. I've always loved Urban Jungle but Mixtaupe is better in my opinion.

Jade to Measure

This was another polish I had to seek out from the U.S. because we didn't get it in Canada. It came out in the Gel Couture Holiday Collection and it's literally like Christmas in a bottle. I loved wearing it in December. I actually don't know how I'll wear it any other time of year! Maybe March for St. Patrick's Day?


This polish felt like another step outside Essie's comfort zone and everyone went crazy for it, including me. The juxtaposition of warm copper shimmer on top of a cool slate grey is so beautiful. 

Speed Setter

I started doing my top coat wear test series again in 2017 and absolutely fell in love with Speed Setter. I remember sitting in a board room at L'Oreal in New York and them spilling the secrets that they would soon be releasing this new top coat that set and dried polish in less than a minute. We passed the top coat around among us ECC girls and a few painted it on top of their current mani. I remember being like "oh cool" but was super skeptical. I didn't see how a polish could dry so fast and not suffer from common fast dry top coat problems like shrinkage, goopiness, etc. I also didn't believe it would actually dry in a minute. But you guys, this one of the best top coats I've ever tried. Essie proved my skepticism wrong!

Treat Love and Color 

I've always had nails that peel and break so I did a before and after 2 week wear test with this line to see if it's claims were true. I was so impressed with my results! The Treat Love & Color line is DEFINITELY a fave from last year, and I specifically loved Treat Me Bright. It's a very sheer white with optically brightening shimmering pigments in it. I wear all the shades underneath polish as a base coat but when I wanted to wear a TLC polish alone, I reached for this one. I'm always all about the white polishes! I was sent all the new TLC shades from Essie Canada PR and I can't wait to swatch them and try them all out. I've tried Indi-Go-For-It and In A Blush and loved them both. I can already predict some of those will be on my 2018 faves list.

Alright you guys. Onto the TOP 6!!

Baguette Me Not

It's been a few years since I've been excited about an Essie Summer Collection, but this one was so good! The French pastry theme was romantic and perfect and all the colors were gorgeous. I don't think I originally thought of this as one of my favourite polishes from the collection, but it's one that wore a lot this summer and swooned when I did. I swoon again when I see swatches online and I think "I need to wear that one!"


This was for sure my fave of the summer collection! That blue is just PERFECTION. And with a tan? Even better. 

Saved by the Belle

Pale pinks are my very favourite to wear and this one with lots of bubble gum pink tones, yet still pale, gave me all the feels. I know some would've picked Girly Grunge or As If! from the Fall Collection as their fave, but Saved By the Belle wins my heart!

On Your Mistletoes

Besides Social-Lights, I was anticipating this polish the most from the Winter Collection. Essie described it as an oxford blue and I realized "YES. I need an oxford blue Essie in my life!" It was EXACTLY what I was hoping for. Every swatch online stops me in my tracks. It's just so stunning. 

Perfect Posture

When I think about my favourite collections released in 2017, the Gel Couture Ballet Nudes jumps straight to the top. This shade of pale blue with it's lilac undertones is just gorgeous. I loved this one in the Winter, Spring,'s just PERFECT! When I went to New York with the Essie Club Collab, it was a big decision trying to pick what shade to put on my nails. I ended up choosing Spool Me Over because I wore it the first time I went to New York and I decided I wanted it to be "my NYC shade". But I aaaaaaaalmost went with Perfect Posture. When I got there, Laurie was wearing it and it looked incredible. I had a bit of regret that I didn't wear it too, haha. Nonetheless, this is absolutely in my top two of the year. 

....aaaaaaaand my favourite polish of the year was!!!!.....

Lace Me Up

Another ballet nude!! Pale pinks are just my all-time favourite color to wear and I always feel chic and put together and my hands look feminine and pretty. They also go with everything. So when Essie came out with this pale pink and it was in the long-lasting Gel Couture formula with that incredible brush for easy application, I was dead. Winner winner, hands down. 

Honorable Mentions 

(faves that I discovered in 2017 but weren't released in 2017)

Speaking of pale pinks, I discovered the shade Muchi Muchi (aka Guchi Muchi Puchi) and fell completely in love. Instead of being a stark pale nude, it has a lot of warm pink tones as well as some nude tones that changes the feel. It's incredibly beautiful. 

Madame Wiesn was an exclusive German release in 2016 for their Oktoberfest Collection. I lusted after it on Instagram but never thought I could actually own it...until New York and the ECC trip happened. My friend Aleks lives in Holland and was able to order it for me. She brought it with her to New York and now I have it!! It's the best grey-purple shade I own.

Well, maybe Madame Wiesn can be tied with this one for best grey-purple shade ever. This is Pilates Hottie and it came out in the fall of 2012 but all the polishes are scarce and hard to find now. My friend Bree completely shocked me and found this one and sent it to me for my birthday! It was such an incredibly thoughtful gift and I'm so grateful I own this beautiful polish.

My last honourable mention goes polish!

I thought I hated orange polish. Even when I reviewed the Resort Collection I said I really didn't need Capri in my collection because I'd never wear it. But honestly, every time I looked at those swatch photos I thought "dang, I really like the look of Capri on me". This summer I ended up with the Off the Wall Neons Collection and Mark on Miami, the neon orange of the collection, was my surprise favourite! I never did a Summer Favourites post but every time I thought about doing one, I was going to put Mark on Miami near the top. This fall, my love for orange nails hit hard! This is a swatch of Sunshine State of Mind but I also tried Roarrrrange and really liked it. I feel like it's going to be my 2018 mission to seek out orange polishes to add to my collection like Bazooka, Vermillionaire and other old Essie oranges. Who knew I'd discover I love orange nails in 2017?!

I'd love to hear what your favourite Essie's of 2017 were! If you are on instagram, post your top 6 with the hashtag #faveessiesof2017 and tag me so I can see! If you aren't on insta, just tell me your faves in the comments. Did anything surprise you this year?

Any of these polishes that are still available, I'll link below on Amazon. 

If you are curious, here are my past yearly faves:


  • Angie said...

    Thank you so much, Kindra for all of the time, work and money that you put into this blog. You’re my go-to Essie blogger when I’m looking at a polish.

  • hpowellsmith said...

    2017 was an amazing year for Essie! My top 5 were:
    -Designated DJ
    -Baha Moment (though it's gone goopy now, sigh)
    -Girly Grunge

    ... With Winning Streak and Mixtaupe tied for the top spot. They're so versatile, and I just love their formula.

  • BroncoMom said...

    As always, I enjoy your polish comparisons. My favorite for 2017 was Social Lights. As you can imagine, this lil lovely has gotten so many compliments. This is the color that I reach for constantly.
    Looking forward to all the new reviews for 2018!

  • Denette said...

    What a fun post! I loved seeing what you loved this year!

    I don't have any favs that were released this year, but I do have some "new to me in 2017" favorites. They are: GC Caviar Bar, GC Touch Up, and Go Go Geisha. GGG was a huge surprise love and I wore it a few times (not common for me). I can't wait to discover new loves in 2018. I'm already planning a purchase...from the GC line: Flashed, Matter of Fiction, It Pearl, Spool Me Over and Costume Jewel. From the regular line: S'il Vous Play, and a nude...I can't decide between Mixed Taupe, Sand Tropez, or Topless and Barefoot. Perhaps I need all three!! ;)

  • Unknown said...

    I've got four that really made me happy this year: At the Barre (Ballet Nudes), Clothing Optional (Wild Nudes), On the Mauve (TLC), and On Your Mistletoes (Winter). At the Barre and On the Mauve in particular took the cake; they were my go-to polishes for everything!

  • LaraLeaf said...

    Just about the whole of 2017, I was tied up with medical issues that have thankfully been resolved, and I am now getting back into nail polish and polishing. I have only lately realized how much beautiful polish that came out I have missed! Looks like some polish acquiring is in store, lol. Social-Lights for sure, and I also like On Your Mistletoes. Thank you for sharing!

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