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Friday, December 1, 2017 2 comments

Hey guys!

Sorry for the weird posting schedule this week but I couldn't help but share some of the PR that was sent my way for a new Gel Couture Collection coming out in January! This is a four shade release based on fairy tales called Enchanting. Here's the shade story:

Shade Story 

"Run away to the magical world of couture and experience a once upon a time fairytale... from the moment you slip on the whimsical couture gown, you will feel like a daring damsel. As you wander through the magical gardens your fairytale will come to life. From dawn to dusk become spellbound by the enchanted world, where princess charming is always wished good knight with a kiss... with our gel couture enchanted collection everything feels like a matter of fiction …"

Matter of Fiction

Once Upon a Time

Princess Charming

Good Knight

This was all the info Essie Canada sent me but of course in my digging around, I discovered this will be a 6 piece collection in the U.S.!

First of all, these 6 colors look INCREDIBLE together. 

Second of all, I'm absolutely GUTTED that Canada isn't getting that green shade! It's called Spellbound and quite honestly, it's the standout shade for me. Why Canada?! The gold one is called Daring Damsel and from the images I looked at, it's a bit of a gold-bronze mix. 

I do know that this collection will be available worldwide in January, but obviously, not every country will get the entire collection.  You can see the entire collection HERE and it's swatched on different skin tones too. From the Canadian release, I'm most excited for the pale pink Matter of Fiction and the swatches of the blue shade Once Upon A Time looked incredible. You KNOW I'm going to have to track down Spellbound though!

What are your thoughts on this collection? Is it truly a magical fairy tale?

P.S. You lucky ducks in the U.S. can already purchase these babies on Amazon!


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