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Thursday, November 2, 2017 4 comments

Staring up at my polish wall one night, I started to think about how when polish settles, there's a really clear distinction for how much polish has been used. I pulled down all the polishes that had the most gone from the bottle and decided to show you my Most Worn Essie Polishes. This doesn't included polishes that I accidentally left cracked open a bit and they evaporated or spilled (because I also have a few of those. Whoops!) These are just truly the ones I've worn a ton. 

Ballet Slippers 

Ballet Slippers is a classic Essie! It's one of the ones I bought way back in the beginning of my collection. My collection is so huge now and I switch up colours almost every day but back when I first got this one, I wore it all the time. I used to wear it with a clear base coat and 3 coats of Ballet Slippers (which contributes to more polish being used) but I've discovered in recent years, it's best worn with Fill The Gap or ridge filling base coat, then you only need 2 coats of Ballet Slippers to get the opaque yet squishy look you see below.  


This is my original bottle of Lilacism that I got in fall 2014. Over time I discovered that my bottle of Lilacism was changing colour to blue, so if you were wondering why this swatch of Lilacism isn't lilac at all that's why! I wore this polish a ton when I first picked it up and lately just for swatches to show how it's changed from it's original lilac colour. But the colour is honestly so beautiful even like this.

Find Me An Oasis

I ordered this polish in the middle of the night while feeding my newborn baby the moment this collection came out! It was my favourite polish from the Resort 2014 Collection. I love wearing it with tanned skin in the summer and also on pale skin in snowy winter weather. That's probably why this polish has gotten worn so much, it's so versatile!

Van D'Go

I coveted this polish for soooooo long before I finally got my hands on it in 2013. It's a Spring and Summer staple for me (I'm sure people get sick of seeing it on my instagram every single year, again and again, haha.) It's the perfect shade of peachy-pink and is so flattering on. 

Angora Cardi

There's no surprise seeing this polish on my most used list, right? It's a fall favourite every year and it showed up in my Mauve Spotlight and Mauve Comparison posts. I think what's really causing me to use up this polish is reviewing top coats. Since I want to check how the top coat is performing, I try to keep all the conditions the same, including the exact same polish which is Angora Cardi. Good thing I love the colour and formula so much! Featured in these posts: Good to Go, Speed Setter and Gel Setter (and I'm currently testing it out with the Gel Couture top coat. Review coming soon!)

In the Cabana

I got the entire Resort 2013 Collection as soon as it came out because I was obsessed! I hadn't planned on getting all of them, but once I saw them in person I was hooked. Plus the formula on In the Cabana is amazing. This bright aqua blue is a staple polish every summer. I posted about it in 2017 and 2015. Been rocking this baby since 2013!

What would you say are your most worn Essie polishes?? I'd love to know!


  • Vanvi_vi said...

    Im all up for blues and pastels.
    Mine are "dandy blossom", "muchi muchi" "aruba blue". I also love "surrounded by studs" from the gel couture, it can be worn chic and punky :)
    Muchi muchi is probably the most worn, since it can be worn in formal occasions too, it can be quite suttle

  • Denette said...

    Great post!
    My most used are: Perky Purple (sadly, it is changing color), Secret Stash, Lacy Not Racy, Splash of Grenadine, Wife Goes On, and Pool Boy (an Ulta exclusive from summer 2008). An honorable mention would go to Bachelorette doesn't look like I've used a lot, but it is my go-to summer pedi color.
    I love that you wear Find Me An Oasis during the winter months! I sometime feel sick of vampy shades during the winter and need to shake it up a bit...this is a great idea!

  • LaraLeaf said...

    My favorite Essie is Find Me An Oasis. My bottle has a horrible formula but I go with it anyway just 'cause I love the color so much.
    I coveted Van D'Go so much, think it is a beautiful polish in the bottle and on others but it does not look good on me.
    Ballet Slippers... my bottles of it (yeah, I've tried two bottles of it) go on so streaky and never level out, so...
    I love red and Racy Not Lacy is one of my favorites.
    I am always up for wearing Lady Like!

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