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I was reeeeeaally hoping that the Essie Winter 2017 Collection would have arrived at my house by now and I'd be sharing swatches with you today, but I'm still waiting! In the meantime, I have these amazing photos that were taken by Jonathan Pozniak when I was in New York!

I've been kind of saving these pics. I'm not sure what for, but maybe for a rainy day like this where I needed something special to share. This was on one of my favourite days ever, hanging out in a penthouse in downtown Manhattan, with the girls from the Essie Club Collab, who I had just met in person a couple days before. We got to sit around and paint our nails all day while chatting and getting to know one another better. After we'd finished painting, there was a whole professional set-up where we could pick out a background and then get our nails photographed. 
Photo from that day taken from @essiepolish's snapchat

I chose to paint my nails with this bright, juicy raspberry. The formula is superb. Perfect consistency and goes on super easy in 2 coats. I was actually the first of the girls to finish painting my nails (probably because this formula is so awesome) so I was the first one to be photographed too. What an amazing experience!

Reds and pinky-reds can be a weird color to photograph. My camera always wants to blend reds into the same shade of red (makes it super hard to take comparison pics) and it also wants to make pinky-reds more red than pink. So I will say, as much as I LOVE the professional photos above, the color of Sit Me In the Front Row isn't super accurate. Could've been the lighting we had that day, but it's showing much more red than pink, when in actuality, its more pink. Here are my own photo's below, in case you were considering getting this shade. 

It's truly a raspberry shade. A perfectly gorgeous dark pink (very similar to B'aha Moment or Raspberry from Essie's regular line).

Sit Me In the Front Row vs. B'aha Moment vs. Raspberry

I hadn't planned on doing a comparison, but once I mentioned that Sit Me in the Front Row was in the same color category as B'aha Moment and Raspberry, I had to see for myself how close they were. And I'm so glad I did the comparison.  You guys...I found a dupe! Sit Me In the Front Row and B'aha Moment are exactly the same shade. This is big because I know some people LOVE and only wear Gel Couture, so if you loved this year's Spring Collection, you can get the same color in the Gel Couture formula! 

Thanks for letting me share this with you today! I love reminiscing on my trip to New York and my ECC girls. Makes me so happy!


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