Essie As If! featured in Stars From Streetlights Music Video

Tuesday, November 14, 2017 0 comments
Hey Essie loves!

 Today's post is short and sweet and totally different than usual. One of my best friend's, Austrian and my husband Steve, are in a band together called Stars from Streetlights and they just released a music video. It is so special and so good!! Austrian wanted her hair, makeup, outfit and everything on point so she came to me for the perfect nail polish. She ended up borrowing Essie As If! from the Fall 2017 Collection and her nails look so fantastic! The blue of her nails stands out against the red of her hair and the yellow fall leaves. So perfect!

I posted it here so you could watch because honestly, it's REALLY good. I'm so proud of them!! (I cried the first couple times I watched it. I'm such a sap!)


P.S. They used dancers from my kids' dance studio and their teacher choreographed it. I'm so proud of them too, they did such a fantastic job!


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