Black Friday Essie Polish Deals

Thursday, November 23, 2017 2 comments
On Tuesday I said there would probably be another haul soon because I'd be shopping Black Friday deals on That got me thinking...maybe you guys would be interested in finding Essie's on sale too? I've never done a post like this before, but let me know if it's helpful. I do have affiliate links to and make a small percentage if you click on the links and buy. Anything I make from Amazon I use to buy more polish to review for my blog, so I thank you if you click on it but it's definitely not the purpose of this post! I just wanted to give you the heads up any good deals I find :)

Sand Tropez

One of my fave Essie nudes! And it's $4.99! I held off on buying it for a long time but when I finally did, I fell in love. If you like greige polishes, it's like that but even lighter than Take It Outside. So beautiful.

Shop Sand Tropez


Take It Outside

Speaking of Take it Outside, I absolutely love this greige polish. Perfect for Fall and Winter and it's currently $7.38.

Shop Take It Outside

Go Ginza

Ok. Freaking Go Ginza for $4.99?! Fantastic deal! If you don't have this Essie in your collection, you need it! Go Ginza is among my favourite Essie's of all time and I absolutely adore it. 

Shop Go Ginza

No More Film

No More Film is color is a gorgeous inky blue-purple color. It's lighter and more "blurple" than Kimono Over and Under the Twilight (comparison HERE). It's a beautiful polish with a great formula and only $5.39.

Shop No More Film

Go Overboard

I actually have a comparison with this beautiful teal polish coming soon! I'm just waiting for On My Mistletoes from the new Winter Collection to arrive. I have an old comparison HERE but I'm embarrassed by the pics, haha. Anyways, this polish has a fantastic formula and is a one-coat wonder. And it's only $4.19!

Shop Go Overboard

Bikini So Teeny

An absolute Essie classic! If you don't own Bikini So Teeny yet, this is perfect. It's only $5.39 and it's the kind of polish you will wear every summer. 

Shop Bikini So Teeny

Speed Setter top coat

I recently did a full week wear test with this top coat and got impressive results! It's definitely one of my fave top coats and I just recently bought myself a backup bottle. It's currently $7.79 and worthy trying out if you haven't yet! (or getting a back up bottle if you have ;)

Shop Speed Setter

Beauty Marked

If you love Gel Couture and need a great red, Beauty Marked is perfect. And it's only $7.48 (for a Gel Couture!) This might be my current fave red. 

Shop Beauty Marked

First View

Oooh...another Gel Couture for only $7.48! This is a pretty soft blue full of tiny blue shimmer and because it's Gel Couture it has an amazing, long-wearing formula. 

Shop First View

Well those were the best deals I could find on Amazon. There were a few more but they were polishes I'm not crazy about or that I've never tried before. already has some Black Friday Deals posted as well, but I seem to recall in previous years, there were even cheaper deals posted ON Friday. They do have Surrounded By Studs (Gel Couture) for only $7.15 right now, which I would totally buy if I didn't already own. It's one of my fave Essie polishes of all-time

Hopefully that helps. Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends and Happy Black Friday shopping!


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