Essie Leathers Collection by Rebecca Minkoff 2017

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I posted a bunch of new upcoming collections last week that had me searching out U.S. to Canadian conversion charts and shipping fee's because Canada wasn't going to be getting any of them. Boo! :( But when a Fed Ex box arrived on my doorstep yesterday, I discovered Canada IS getting the Rebecca Minkoff Leathers Collection!! Europe is able to buy this collection in three-piece sets, but Canada has one four-piece set with all the best colours in it (in my opinion). These polishes were designed by Rebecca Minkoff herself to mimic the leather of her best-selling handbag colours. I bought my first nice handbag this Spring and it's a Rebecca Minkoff. I'm obsessed with it and now want it in other colours. How pretty would that greyish mauvey purple be as a cross body bag with silver hardware?

All four of these polishes are full of micro shimmer and dry down to a semi-matte finish. The shimmer + matte combo is beautiful.

Cross-Body Heat

You guys are going to love this colour! That dusty, mauvey, grey-purple polish is so sought after and yet can be hard to find because of polishes like Bangle Jangle or Love & Acceptance that are discontinued. It's full of subtle lavender and silver micro shimmer. The shimmer is the least visible in this one compared to the rest, but still very pretty. You have to be careful while you are polishing to make sure you smooth out the whole nail and don't leave any ridges because it doesn't want to completely self-level, but it will if you are careful. The formula is very opaque. It's totally a one-coater but you may need another to smooth out any ridges the first coat may have left behind.

Tote-ally in Love

This one is completely gorgeous!! I love this shade of deep red-burgundy but the addition of the fine magenta and silver sparkles makes me swoon. In low lighting, it has depth and in sunshine it comes alive. This was opaque in 2 coats and again I had to be really careful while I polished.

Here she is in the sunshine so you can see that fine shimmer, which looks so cool because of the contrast of the matte polish. This very quickly just became my favourite deep red/burgundy shade this fall!

In Hot Purse-uit

This is a deep indigo blue with violet, blue and silver shimmer. You can really see the shimmer in this one even in indoor lighting! This one had an awesome formula. It's self-leveling and opaque in one coat but not thick. I really love matte navy nails and I love that this one has a bit of something something extra.

Here she is in direct sunlight. How pretty?!

Back In the Saddle

OMG. I LOVE this one. The formula of this one was a bit thinner but applied perfectly.  It self-leveled well and is opaque in 2 coats. It's full of blue and silver shimmer that really shows up, both in the sunshine and in regular indoor lighting. This is indoor lighting and look how sparkly it is!

Putting matte topcoat over sparkly or shimmery nail polish is one of my favourite things to do. It leaves a really cool effect and you get exactly that with this polish. I'm gonna need to get myself some backups because I love them so much!

I love this whole collection! Cross-Body Heat doesn't show a lot of shimmer and dimension but the colour is so pretty, I think most people will love it anyway. I also I think if you threw some top coat on there you could pull out the shimmer and make it more obvious. The rest of the polishes, the shimmer is noticeable and gives that beautiful leather effect with the semi-matte finish.

I don't know what the wear time will be on these since I've only just swatched them. Maybe since they are semi-matte they won't chip as easily as the Cashmere Mattes? If they do chip easily, try my trick of using a Gel Couture as a base coat. Gel Couture lasts a long time and doesn't chip easily, so if you use that as a base and then put a Leather polish on top it should give you a much longer wear time.

These are available in Canada now. I'm waiting to hear back what the price of this collection is, but once I know I'll update this post. I'll definitely be picking up one for myself as a backup because I dig these polishes so hard! Great job Rebecca Minkoff!

*These polishes were sent to me by Essie Canada but my opinions are always 100% honest.


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