Coming Soon : Essie Gel Couture Holiday 2017 (Salon Release)

Tuesday, October 3, 2017 2 comments

I tracked down the pics of the missing salon exclusive Gel Couture Holiday Collection!

Actually, it was an amazing reader who messaged me and told me to check out ebay for all these U.S. exclusive shades that I can't get. I hadn't even thought of that! On the Fall Gel Couture Collection is posted as well as the Gel Couture Holiday Collection. It even gives an estimate for shipping to Canada and approximate taxes and duty fees. It's a bit more expensive but I appreciate knowing those numbers so you aren't shocked later. If you don't live in the U.S. and you were interested in some of those polishes, it might be worth having a peek on ebay.

Anyways, back to the shades.

Since this collection is based on the jewellers of Paris, I expected more sparkly, shimmery shades, but it looks like the salon release is all cremes. But I'm LOVING some of these colours. Gel Couture is my favourite, long lasting formula, so if I could snag a pastel lilac and green, I would wear it non-stop. Let's take a look at all the colours and their names.

Radiant Cut

I'm so drawn to shades like these, but I don't know that I would go out of my way to purchase this polish from another country and pay almost double. Is it an opaque creme like Lace Me Up? (my favourite) Or more sheer like Gel Couture Mademoiselle?

Studded Silhouette

This I need! Actually, I only need it if it's a pale pastel. If it's more saturated like Dress Call I can pass. But it looks pale. 

Facet Forward

No wait. I reeeeeeeeally need this one!  A sweet follower messaged me not too long ago and asked me if I had anymore Hard to Find Essie polishes on my wish list so she could keep her eyes open for me. I said the only thing I could think of was Essie Da Bush. If you click on that link, isn't that exactly what Facet Forward looks like?! This is definitely on my wish list now. 

Embellish Me

This looks like a pretty grey. Maybe along the lines of Petal Pushers

Brilliant Baubles

This looks like it might be a really bright strawberry red. 

Costume Jewel

This is giving me serious Flowerista vibes. 

Graced In Garnet

This looks like a light burgundy, a reddish purple berry tone. 

Head to Topaz

Why are these colours not widely available to everyone?! This rusty brownish orange is reminding me a lot of Playing Koi which everyone is obsessed with. It actually looks lighter than Playing Koi, so it would be a really interesting polish to own. 

Velvet Crush

This one is hard to tell what colour it is. It looks like a dark burgundy but with a lot of brown tones too. 

On Sapphire

I'm seeing Beau-tie in this one. Since it's name is "sapphire" I'm going to guess it's more blue-toned though. 

Pave the Way

A very dark grey. Hmmm...I can't actually think of another Essie that this one reminds me of. It's very dark but also warm-toned. 

I'm seeing a few in this collection that I hope I can get my hands on. What do you think? Are any of these shades worth going out of your way to find?

These polishes should be released now or in the next few weeks. They are only available in the U.S. at salon retailers/e-tailers. Or ebay. Thanks for the heads up Sibila!


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