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Monday, October 2, 2017 8 comments

Here's your first peek at the Gel Couture Holiday Collection for 2017! The collection is inspired by jewels of Paris, so we're seeing lots of shimmery pearls and fine glitters. 
Inspired by the artistic genius of the legendary jewelers of Paris, Essie's Winter Gel Couture Collection with gorgeous shades invite you to stroll down the rue de la ruby and pick a holiday gift shimmering with high-carat splendor. Searching for a shade to fit every occasion? Look no further! From a classic fiery red for a chic statement to a lustrous bronze that takes any look to couture heights, the Essie Gel Couture holiday 2017 collection adds a gemmy touch of elegance any way you accessorize this festive time of year.
As usual, the names of these polishes are completely adorable. 

Amethyst Noir

A burgundy creme. This is reminding me a lot of Wicked.

Gold Gilding

I found two different images of Gold Gilding so I included both. It's called a "pink metallic" on Ulta. Looks like it's going to be a pretty rose gold!

Diamond in the Cuff

A blush ivory pearl. This one also looks like it has tiny pieces of glitter in it! Reminds me of fine sequins and lace.


 A lilac pink creme. Maybe a lighter version of the other cool-toned pinks we've seen this year?

Jade to Measure

 Emerald green metallic. I also found two different images for this one and I included both because this polish looks AMAZING. I feel like I need this for Christmas!

Rue de la Ruby

A ruby red creme.

Taupe of the Line

A golden beige creme. 

These polishes are out already on Amazon and but only the U.S. is going to be lucky enough to get this collection! Well, maybe other countries too, but it was confirmed to me that this will not be released in Canada :( So sad! I will also mention that Ulta only has 5 of the polishes (it's missing Rue de la Ruby) and Amazon has 3 of them. No idea why that is. I did learn from @hillaryfrynails that these 6 polishes are going to be the regular consumer release (i.e.: drugstores, Target, Ulta, etc) but there's going to be 12 more polishes released exclusively to salons. In all my scouring, I haven't come across any pics of the other 12 but judging from these 6, they are going to be sparkly, shimmery and beautiful. *UPDATE: I found them and posted them HERE.

I think there's more from this collection that I'm excited about than the Winter release for the regular Essie line.  All the shimmery glittery ones are making me wish I could get my hands on them: Jade to Measure, Gold Gilding and Diamond in the Cuff. And It-Pearl too actually. I've been obsessed with the other cool-toned pink released this year, so if I could get an even lighter one in the Gel Couture formula I would be in heaven! Who wants to send some nail polish to Canada?! ;)

P.S. if you pick any of these polishes up, tag me on Insta so I can see you wearing them! I need more pics of these beauties. Well...maybe not. You'll just make the FOMO even worse, haha.



  • Unknown said...

    I NEED Jade to Measure!! I hope they come out in the UK or else I will need to get my hands on these some other way!

    I also really want to see what Gold Gilding looks like...I LOVE rose gold! I also want It-Pearl. I'm with you on the cool-toned pinks! I also want Amethyst Noir and Rue de la Ruby...ahhh!! And there's 12 more out there in the world somewhere?! Why aren't these more accessible??

  • Shimmering Highlights said...

    Loving the look of some of these and need them. If they don't get released in the UK, I will definitely be ordering them. Too many collections to keep up with at the moment.

  • Kindra said...

    Yeah definitely too many collections. I knew about some of these collections last week and should've posted about them then. One day and 5 new collections is a lot!

  • Kodachi said...

    I just got "Jade to measure" (on my blog - and it is a beautiful shimmer shade) and "Gold gilding" - to be honest - I do not like the gel line that much (basically they are really expensive and take up a lot of space) but once in a while they put out really shiny beauty and I can't resist <3

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