Coming Soon : Essie Gel Couture Fall 2017 (Salon Release)

Monday, October 2, 2017 10 comments

I'm gonna be on a roll this morning, posting all of Essie's new collections that are coming soon. This collection was actually already released but only in salons. It's so unfortunate, because LOOK AT THOSE COLORS. Seriously some gorgeous stuff in there.

I've discovered that Trans Design sells these polishes and I believe they ship internationally, which is good, because this collection was only released in the U.S.  I'm scared of the taxes and duties I might get stuck with so I haven't been brave enough to order any! Are there any fellow Canadians that have ordered nail polish from them before and could fill me in?

If I WAS going to order some of these, here are my faves:

All Dressed Up

Behind the Seams

 Captivate Me

 Closing Night

Cut the Line

 Designer Debut

 First Impression

 Like It Loud

 Mode Du Jour

 On the Risers

The only place I've found swatches of these polishes is on Instagram.  @mrose.nails has some of the brighter and darker shades and @shortkimc has the more pink, peach and mauve ones swatched. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on any of these polishes, tag me on Instagram so I can see! (@essie_envy) Since I can't get this collection or the Leathers collection, I'll just have to live vicariously through you guys :)

*UPDATE: A reader suggested ebay to get ahold of this collection. I found it on and it has estimates of the shipping, taxes and duty fee's. If you can't find these in your country, try ebay. Thanks Sibila!


  • Unknown said...

    I ordered six shades from Ella Gray. If you are in the UK, they have prices in £ and shipping is free. I have ordered from them once before and I do not believe I was charged any customs. They do take awhile to arrive, though.

    I ordered Mode du Jour and On the Risers as part of my purchase. They look super interesting!

  • Shimmering Highlights said...

    I definitely want to get some of these. I wI'll be ordering them from Ella Gray, who I've ordered from before.
    It's such a shame these are only getting released for salons.

  • Unknown said...

    I just got them today! In addition to Mode du Jour and On the RIsers, I also got All Dressed Up, Unbiased Cut, Captivate Me, and Behind the Seams. I was going to get more, but it was already pretty expensive with 6!

  • Stephanie said...

    Hi Kindra!

    I just found most of this collection on, and it looks like free shipping, even to Canada (where I also am), if you spend over $50. I've never ordered from this site though so can't vouch for it! But it looks pretty legit and I'm really hoping it is because it looks like it could be my new go-to site! I would LOVE to see swatches if you get any!

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