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Thursday, September 21, 2017 6 comments
This summer when Essie celebrated the one year launch of Gel Couture, they released the Gala Bolds Collection.  I was in New York in a board room back in the Spring when me and the Essie Club Collab girls, were shown a sneak peak of the entire 12 piece collection. My eyes IMMEDIATELY zoomed in on this stunning blue. I could not wait for it to be released! When we finally got wind that the collection was coming out, this is the display I saw in our Canadian stores:
Six beautiful gel coutures, but not one of them was the blue I had been lusting after! I learned later that countries outside the U.S. would only be releasing half the collection, and the shades vary depending on the country. The U.K. got the blue in their Gel Couture release and so did the U.S.  While I picked out a couple from our Canadian release that I loved, I was still pining after that shimmery blue. 

Then at the beginning of September, my husband flew down to Chicago for a friend's wedding. He was there an entire week before the wedding and so he spent a bit of time exploring downtown Chicago. I was back at home taking care of our four kids when I got a text from him "are there any Essie's you want me to pick up for you?" Umm....YES!! I ended up sending him on a wild goose chase through CVS's, Walgreens and Target (all stores we don't have up here in Canada). He finally found himself an Ulta and I received the text "I found Front Page Worthy". Woo hoo! 

When he got home and I put it on my nails, I was MORE than impressed. 
This. Is. Gorgeous.

It's such a beautiful sapphire blue that definitely glows on your nails. As your hands move, the polish catches the light and really lights up. It's not "shimmery" but it does glow.

Front Page Worthy vs. Aruba Blue

I know you've heard me say those same words about Aruba Blue (which just so happens to be one of my favourite Essie's of all time) so of course I had to investigate how the two compare.

They look incredibly similar from the outside of the bottle, but once you get them both on your nails the differences are so apparent (although, for some reason it was hard to capture in a photo how different these two are!) Front Page Worthy is more of a cool toned blue whereas Aruba Blue leaned more warm. The finish is different as well. Aruba Blue, while "shimmery", you can't actually see any shimmery particles in it. The particles in Front Page Worthy are a bit bigger and sometimes you can see flecks of silver as well. I tried photographing these in my normal spot next to the window, in the bright sun and in the shade and I just couldn't seem to capture exactly what I was seeing on my nails! This photo was the best and so you can tell they look different but it was even more noticeable in person. The biggest difference is that the two shades of blue are different tones. 

Front Page Worthy applies beautifully. It's perfection in 2 coats. I keep showing you different shots of it because it changes so much depending on how the light hits it. I wore it the other day and my friend complimented me and said "your nails are so pretty, what are you wearing?" Of course I told her but an hour later we were talking about something and she said "I'm sorry, I just can't stop staring at your nails!"
I'm absolutely in love with this polish and grateful to my husband for stalking Chicago to find it for me!

Are you lucky enough to live in a country that sells this one? Did you pick it up?

P.S. Funny story: After seeing swatches online of "Wearing Hue?" from the same Gala Bolds Collection, I really loved it. Again it wasn't released in Canada, so when my husband was running all over Chicago for me looking for Front Page Worthy, he was also looking for Wearing Hue. He texted me that he found both and I was so excited. A week later, I flew down to Chicago to be in the wedding as well. When I got to our hotel room he handed me both polishes to put in my bag. I remember looking at Wearing Hue and thinking "man that looks really similar to another pale pink Gel Couture I already own. It actually looks different than I expected." But I thought nothing of it and put it in my bag. It was a whirlwind couple days with the wedding, but we found ourselves in downtown Chicago on our last day with a few hours to kill before we needed to catch the train to the airport. We walked around Michigan Ave looking for a place to eat and I spotted an Ulta. I had never been inside one before so we detoured and went in. I beelined it straight for the Essie display. After ogling the polishes, I noticed that Wearing Hue still looked really different than I expected. I picked it up, turned it over and on the bottom it said "Fairy Tailor". I told my husband "someone put this in the wrong spot". We looked through all the Wearing Hue polishes and they were all Fairy Tailor. It suddenly dawned on me that my husband may have not noticed and bought me Fairy Tailor by mistake. I grabbed it out of my bag and sure enough the bottom said Fairy Tailor! No wonder it had looked like something I already owned because I DO own Fairy Tailor! There wasn't a single Wearing Hue to be found on the display but I did notice the new Platinum Grade Gel Couture top coat so I was able to exchange my bottle of Fairy Tailor for that. I was disappointed that I hadn't found Wearing Hue, but also I have a million pale pinks in my collection so I'll survive :). We don't have the Platinum top coat in Canada yet, so that was a great find! (I'll make sure to do a wear test and review it for you soon). My poor husband was a little peeved that his sweet gesture failed but I'm stoked he at least found Front Page Worthy and I got my hands on the Platinum Top Coat!


  • Vanvi_vi said...

    The colour looks really stunning! I just got my "Platinum finish top coat" from the US (my old gel couture top coat was empty) and cant wait to try it! Loooking forward to your review as well.
    Front page worthy looks like I might wanna order it overseas, too :)

  • Julie N said...

    I love that colour on you! (I've yet to see a colour that DOESN'T look good on you tho!)

    How would this compare to Catch of the Day I wonder? I'm about to paint mine in this beautiful shade, and I always get tons of compliments on it.

    Thanks, Kindra for sharing your swatches and knowledge with us. But I gotta say, your stories are almost better. Almost. 😉

  • Unknown said...

    Great post! hey did I miss your review of SpeedSetter? I already love the gel couture topcoat, so I would love to hear your thoughts before I buy! Thank you!

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