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Tuesday, September 26, 2017 4 comments

Someone recently sent me a message to ask if Gel Couture polish plus the top coat was worth buying. I can, without hesitation, answer that question with:


Essie Gel Couture is hands down, my favourite Essie product ever. The brush perfectly matches my cuticle shape and because it's wider, it's fast and easy to apply. The formula wears SOOO well on my easily chipped nails; it stays put on my nails without chipping for a solid week which other polishes just don't do. And the topcoat that goes with it, is superb.

This past weekend when I was gearing up to run the hardest obstacle course race that I've ever run, I had to go for something sturdy that could stand up to the challenge. I was about to run 7 km up and down a mountain, crawl through mud, under barbed wire, over 7 foot walls and 15 foot cargo nets, carry a 30 pound sandbag on my shoulders up the mountain and back down as well as scoop gravel into a 5 gallon pail and carry that up and down a mountain better believe I needed a polish to stand up to that! This baby came through for me with flying colours. Of course it's also the exact colour of the Spartan medal that I earned ;) 

The formula on this polish is great. It's easy to apply in 2 coats. It's a bit of a crelly, so if you have really long nails or a super white nail line you might need an extra coat. But like I said earlier, the brush makes it easy to apply quickly. Especially when you want to get your nails done and get to bed because you've got a race early the next morning!

This is such a beautiful red. Essie calls it a "striking statement crimson". I can definitely say that I make a statement with my perfectly polished nails when I show up to these rugged athletic events, haha!

I needed the perfect red in the Gel Couture formula and Beauty Marked is it for me. Thanks to my friend Bailey for finding it on sale and picking it up for me!

That was my fourth Spartan Sprint race, but my first time running it solo and on a mountain course. I'm ready to tackle some new goals, so next year you'll be seeing a post like this but with a blue Spartan Super medal around my neck! I'll have to start scoping out the perfect Essie polish to match the Spartan blue ;)


  • Mrs W said...

    Awesome accomplishment!! And it's so fun to hear you matched your nails to your medal! :) Only nail polish lovers will truly related to how much we think about nail polish, lol. :)

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