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Saturday, August 12, 2017 1 comments
This polish has become my favourite of Summer 2017.

I ordered it way back in the spring thinking the colour would be perfect for summer. It's like Chillato but brighter and with a touch more green.  It sat unused on my shelf because I was busy with pastels all spring, but then when the Essie Club Collab got to go to New York, I found my perfect opportunity to wear it. 
The Essie girls had planned a professional photo shoot for all of us ECC girls and we were assigned different collections to swatch or do artwork with. I got assigned Gel Couture so of course I HAD to try this one out. It called to me. 

I had no idea it would be so good. As soon as I put it on I knew I freaking loved this colour. 

And here's the professional Essie photo!!!
This colour is quite a chameleon. It can take on more of a bright yellow tone, or in different lighting can look more green. Here's a photo I took at home. It's looking slightly more green toned than the photo above.  

And here's another Essie professional photo. All we did was switch up the background but because it's darker with more blue/green tones, Take A Walk came out looking much more green. I love this colour in it's many forms!

Because I was swatching, I expected just to take this polish off after the photos and paint my nails with something else to wear for the rest of the trip in New York, but this colour was so beautiful I left it on for the next week! I was at back at home in Alberta and still wearing this mani. All my other ECC girls kept complimenting my nails and asking what I was wearing. They loved it just as much as I did. 

I had the most amazing time in New York and the photoshoot day was my absolute favourite. This polish will forever hold a special place in my heart just for that reason. 


  • Anonymous said...

    My fav of ALL time is Fiji. I love essie period. I am on the pastels and now it's fall I can do blues Grey's or plum red. Obsessed with Fiji tho. Like for longer than 10 years obsessed haha. I usually take my own polish to the wall. Because I am always afraid I so t go d o e. I am not a favor of opi. Keep up great work@

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