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Thursday, August 3, 2017 4 comments

You guys, I have a little sneaky peak of the Essie Fall 2017 Collection!
Image from Beauty Geeks

Well, Beauty Geeks has the real sneak peek, with swatches and everything, but in case you hadn't seen that post I had to share what's coming! I actually got to see this one in New York and couldn't wait to tell you guys we were getting an Essie collection based on the 90's!
Image from Beauty Geeks

Those names are the cutest, right?! I think that's my favourite part of this whole collection. The theme and the names. The colours are cute too though. This collection is made up of very untraditional fall colours. Periwinkle blue, cool pink, metallic chrome purple and a deep and mysterious purple with a blue-green shifting shimmer. I love that it's so different and unique. I get sick of seeing the same colours year after year. And if you need a traditional fall fix, you've got that berry toned red called Knee High Life.

Here in Canada, the official release date is September 5th but if you are in the U.S. the collection is already available on and I'm so jealous you guys to the south always get collections waaaaaaay before us! I was also messaged by a follower from the The Netherlands who said she found this collection at Etos. The two polishes that call to me the most are As If and Dressed to the Nineties, but honestly, I will be picking up all these shades except for Knee High Life (I have a million and one reds already). Which ones intrigue you?


  • Unknown said...

    As If and Dressed To the 90s look gorgeous and I'll probably wind up getting them at some point, but I'm actually a little disappointed that this is being released as a fall collection. I think I'd be really pumped to see these colors in the spring, but going into fall I'm always most excited for warm tones, dusty colors and dark cremes. The collections released for fall the past two years have been so spot-on that it's hard to feel that these candy pastels aren't a letdown. Maybe they'll grow on me as the season progresses. I'll be interested to see swatches and comparisons.

  • Emma said...

    OMG!!! I'm actually super excited about this collection in particular As If, Girly Grunge, and Dressed To The 90s!
    I do get where Mary L is coming from; that these aren't your typical warm tones for fall...but I think it's very refreshing (although I am getting Essie Winter 2015 vibes from it, anyone else?!).
    I guess I'm just into the cooler tones at the moment (ever since watching the film Before I Fall = heart eyes emoji). So I'm also really loving the look of OPI's Icelandic one (there are a couple I have my eye on, I'm just praying they've improved their formula, coz ugh!!!).
    Can't wait for your collection post and the mean time I have a lot of catching up to do! ;)

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