My First Essie Polish : Tart Deco

Tuesday, July 4, 2017 0 comments

Did I ever tell you I used to be a nail biter? I was no joke.

I used to bite until my cuticles were ragged and peeling. I really had no nail at all, just the soft pad of my fingertip that ached because the nail was bitten past the quick. I bit them since I was a little kid well into my 20's and I never thought I'd stop. Turns out all I needed was a bit of pretty colour on my nails and a few tools to take care of my cuticles. Who knew?!

I was 8 months pregnant and my friends had given me a mani and pedi. I vowed I would keep my nails looking pretty and not bite them, but to do that I needed to own some nail polish. I went to the drugstore and my eye was immediately drawn to the sleek square Essie bottle and white cap. It was so satisfying how pretty they all looked lined up on the shelf!

I chose Tart Deco because coral was all the rage in the summer of 2012 (especially paired with turquoise). I loved this polish so much. Obviously, it made me buy more Essie's, although funny enough, I don't remember which ones came next. 

The formula is super easy to apply in 2 coats and is creamy and opaque. That's probably why I got more Essie's after this! For a newbie nail painter like me, I needed polishes with a great formula.

Tart Deco is part of the permanent collection now but it originally came out in the 'Art of Spring' Collection released in spring 2010. I really wish I had been into nail polish back then! I've found so many polishes from that collection that I love: Lilacism, Van D'Go and Neo Whimsical. I'm starting to think I need to track down Red Nouveau and Pop Art Pink just to complete that collection!

This coral shade may have come out in the Spring but it's perfect in the summer time when you've got a tan. If you are curious to see Tart Deco next to other Essie corals, check out my comparison post here.
According to this article, coral is one of the most popular nail polish shades of all-time so Tart Deco is the perfect shade to scoop up! I know I never regretted doing so. Just be careful though...once you buy your first Essie, you could be creating a monster ;) I have over 300 Essie's now. *blushes*

If you don't have this beauty in your Essie stash yet, you can order it here.


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