Hard to Find Essie: Pilates Hottie

Thursday, July 27, 2017 9 comments
It's my birthday today!

In honour of my birthday, I decided to post this discontinued and hard to find Essie that I've been lusting after for almost 2 years. 

I first discovered it in Fall 2015. I was doing research on greige polishes and I saw a picture of it and thought it was sooooo beautiful. I came across it again when I started researching mauve polishes. I wanted it so bad, but I couldn't find a bottle of it anywhere. Then I came across Pilates Hottie AGAIN when I was researching for my Grey-Purple Comparison. Ugh! This polish needed to be in my life! Why could I not find it?!

Pilates Hottie came out in the Fall 2012 Yogaga Collection and for some reason, the collection got no hype whatsoever. Not one of the polishes stuck around in the permanent collection which is crazy. I randomly found a polish from that collection called Boxer Shorts and it has an incredible formula! It's very similar in colour to Lapiz of Luxury but has a formula that is ten times better. Earlier this year, my friend Bailey gave me her bottle of Gym Dandy from the Yogaga Collection and it once again got me thinking about Pilates Hottie. Over the past two years this polish has eluded me and no amount of research led me to buying a bottle of it. 

Then a couple days ago I received an unexpected package in the mail. It was birthday mail from one of my best friends Bree, who lives 1200 km away from me and when I opened it, this amazing beauty was inside!!! I couldn't even frickin' believe it!
Like....how?!?! I still have no idea how Bree did it. 

And the best part is, it didn't disappoint at all. The colour is so beautiful. It's a pastel (my fave) with this mushroom lilac tone that's not too warm and not too cool. It's absolutely perfect. 
It's super close in colour to Love & Acceptance but it's a touch warmer and less grey. I like Love & Acceptance but always thought it made me look a bit sickly. Maybe it's the extra grey in it? So Pilates Hottie being a touch less grey with more warm lilac tones puts it over the edge to perfection.  
And oh my gosh, the formula! I was not expecting it at all! I hadn't read any reviews on the formula but just expected it to be kinda thin and streaky because of the colour. But wow. This formula is so good. It's smooth and buttery and VERY opaque yet not thick and gross. It could almost be opaque in one coat but you do need two. It self-levels so incredibly well. The formula is honestly perfect.

I do not understand why this collection didn't get more hype when it was released because Boxer Shorts from the same collection also has an incredible formula. I'm not sure if all of them were like this but it makes me wonder what other gems were hiding in this collection. Yogaga could be really good. I'll have to learn Bree's secrets to track it down!

Anyways, this was pretty much the best birthday present ever and I wanted to share! I'm totally rocking this shade for my special day and will treasure it forever. 

Thank you soooooooo much Bree! <3


  • Mrs W said...

    Happiest of birthdays!! I hope you have an amazing day! That is a great color, and your friend is so sweet to have found it for you. If you ever figure out how she found that polish, please let us know!! Enjoy your day!! :)

  • Kindra said...

    Thank you so much Mrs W!! I will definitely share Bree's secrets if she ever tells me. Although knowing her, she probably won't, haha. She honestly gives the most thoughtful gifts. She'll probably just save her secrets for future gifts ;)

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