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Thursday, July 20, 2017 3 comments
Summer is the time for a gorgeous pop of colour on your nails (or your toes) and sometimes you gotta go with an iconic classic. 

Essie Watermelon is that classic choice for me. It was released sometime in the 80's and has an SE number of 127. Despite how much I still see and hear about Watermelon today, I couldn't find any article where Essie Weingarten talked about this shade! It's a juicy pinkish red and the name is perfect. I love the old shade names that you can imagine exactly what colour it is based on the name (like Licorice, Raspberry, Very Cranberry, Marshmallow, etc.) Watermelon is exactly what I think of when I wear this shade and I always crave it in the summer time.
It has a beautiful one coat formula. It looks best at 2 coats because then it's shiny and smooth. That's without top coat down there!
The formula is so beautiful I would definitely recommend this polish. If it's not already in your collection, it's a must!


  • Anonymous said...

    I love this shade! My only issue is it stains my skin when I remove it with nail polish remover. But it's typically back to normal within a day

  • Cat said...

    Hi Kindra, I like that you review older Essie polishes, as well as the new collections. I got to thinking -- I wonder when the company started using fashion-related puns for names instead of those very descriptive ones (like Marshmallow, etc.)?

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