Essie Wild Nude, Winning Streak & Without A Stitch : Swatches & Comparisons

Thursday, June 22, 2017 10 comments
You guys! I've been drooling over this Wild Nudes Collection since March and I FINALLY got my hands on some of them! It's been harder to find in Canada than in the U.S. I actually found this entire collection when I was in a CVS in Montana about a month and a half ago, but didn't pick them up because with the conversion it would have costed me an insane amount! I decided to wait until I could find them in Canada. My regular salon Essie suppliers only got 6 from the collection and I've heard rumours that you can finally find all 8 of them at places like Superstore, Shoppers, London Drugs, etc. Essie Canada told me they are all out of the PR samples of these polishes but would send them to me when they got more. I honestly couldn't wait that long. I decided I HAD to pick up Winning Streak because ever since I saw Lauren's List wearing it in New York I knew I needed it! 

Last week I went to DK Beauty with the intention of picking up only Winning Streak and a couple other essentials like cuticle oil and top coat, but once I was there I started admiring Wild Nude...and then Without A Stitch. I put them back and thought I would just wait until Essie sent them to me. But after paying and getting out to my vehicle I couldn't stop thinking how pretty they were! They needed to come home with me so I ran back in and grabbed them too. I'm such a sucker for pretty neutrals and nudes and this entire collection is perfection. 

Wild Nude

I'm so glad I went back and grabbed this one! It reminds me of a cross between Lady Like and Sand Tropez. There seems to be a little bit of grey in it but also some mauvey warmth to it. The formula was fantastic. I used Ridge Filling Base as my base coat and Wild Nude was opaque in one coat. I used two anyways. It also self-leveled really well.

Wild Nude vs. Sand Tropez vs. Lady Like vs. Topless & Barefoot

Wild Nude isn't even close to Topless and Barefoot or Sand Tropez. It's similar in saturation to Lady Like but it's much more beige grey with just a touch of mauve. Lady Like looks more pink toned in comparison because it has more mauve in it.

Wild Nude vs. Sweet Tart vs. Comfy in Cashmere

Good news for all you girls that loved my European bottle of Sweet Tart! The base colour of it is basically identical to Wild Nude. I mean, yes, it's also full of tiny iridescent shimmer that does give it an overall different feel from a creme, but it's a good substitute if you can't get your hands on Sweet Tart. Comfy in Cashmere looked similar in the bottle but dried way darker, so it's not even close to Wild Nude.

Without A Stitch

I'm loving this shade! It's a light but warm toned grey. Not quite greige though. This had the exact same gorgeous formula as Wild Nude. I didn't use Ridge Filling Base this time and my nails still came out perfect in 2 coats.

Without A Stitch vs. Sand Tropez vs. Go With the Flowy

Nothing came close. Sand Tropez is too beige and Go With the Flowy is too pale.

Without A Stitch vs. Take It Outside vs. Master Plan vs. Chinchilly

The polishes in this comparison were much closer, however there were no dupes. Take It Outside is the closest in saturation but pulls more warm and beige whereas you can definitely see the grey tone of Without A Stitch. Both Master Plan and Chinchilly were much darker and more greige.

Winning Streak

Winning Streak is everything I wanted it to be! Stunningly gorgeous. And the formula is on point. Absolutely perfect in 2 coats.

Winning Streak vs. Smokin Hot vs. Coat Couture vs. Twill Seeker

Winning Streak has a dusty, almost blue tone to it in comparison to Smokin Hot and Twill Seeker. It's also darker and more saturated than Coat Couture.

No regrets about purchasing any of these polishes!! I'm super happy with all of them. The formulas were so good, I know I'm going to want the rest from this collection. I will definitely do a post with comparisons and reviews if I do end up receiving them. Have you picked any up from this collection?  What were your thoughts?

If you are in Canada, you can find these babies on and

In the U.S. you can find them on


  • Unknown said...

    I always love your comparisons!

    I picked up Wild Nude, Without a Stitch, and Truth or Bare at Target and I have Winning Streak, Exposed, Clothing Optional, and Bare with Me waiting for me in the UK.

    When I saw your picture of Wild Nude, I definitely thought of Sweet Tart so nice to know they are so close! I also have a bottle of Sweet Tart waiting for me.

  • Anonymous said...

    The whole collection is also available at Walgreens. I'm in North Carolina and picked up a few.

  • Unknown said...

    I have picked up Without a Stitch, Winning Streak and Mooning and they are lovely subtle colors. I am wondering about skinny dip. Which seems really close to other essie sheer polish. But maybe a better formula?

  • Kindra said...

    Hi Hannah, I just got the entire wild nudes collection so I'll post a review with comparisons soon! You'll be able to see if anything in my collection is similar.

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