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Thursday, June 1, 2017 12 comments
I'm in love! 

I've been drooling over this collection since I first got a glimpse of it in New York. I immediately loved the colour palette, the cute theme of being based on patisserie sweets in Paris and that sparkly pink foil! Yes Essie!! So many things done right in this collection. This is also my first collection that was sent to me by the Essie Canada PR team (eeeeek!) I don't make any money off this blog, I do it purely for the fun of it and I always thought the greatest thing ever would be for Essie Canada to notice me and send me the new collections to review. So this is an exciting day for me! Of course that won't change my reviews. I'll always be honest with you. Let's jump in and talk about the formulas and comparisons!

Sweet Souffle

White nails in summer? My favourite! I love that this one has a bit of a twist too. It's a gorgeous soft white with a flash of orange pearl. It applies nicely, but a bit streaky. It looked best at 3 coats. Originally I put this on without base coat, but I still had a bit of streaking. I was pretty sure it was because of the ridges in my nails, so I took it off and put Essie Ridge Filling base on first. With that as my base coat, my finished nails were much better. This colour is so pretty!


This is such a pretty pale Parisian blue. It applied nice and became opaque in 2 coats. I had a bit of ridging where the polish wouldn't self-level but the longer I left my nails to dry, the more they settled out. They still needed top coat to completely smooth them. I love this colour! This is one I would wear all summer long.

Blue-la-la vs. Mint Candy Apple vs. Borrowed & Blue vs. Find Me An Oasis

I thought Blue-la-la might be a dupe for the old blue version of Mint Candy Apple but it's not! Mint Candy Apple still has some minty green to it and Blue-la-la is straight up pastel blue. But it has more saturation than Borrowed & Blue and Find Me An Oasis. I also had a few questions on Instagram about other Essie blues that I just DM'd bottle shots because nothing else comes close. Perfect Posture looks purple in comparison and Bikini So Teeny is more saturated and a totally different shade of blue. 

Baguette Me Not

Baguette Me Not is a pretty pastel purple with pink undertones. It applied nice in 2 coats. Don't overload the brush or it will flow down your cuticles. This polish had the same thing where it didn't completely self-level but it was minor, so top coat fixed it.

Baguette Me Not vs. Go Ginza vs. French Affair vs. Meet Me At The Altar

I grabbed some other pastel purples with pink undertones but nothing was similar in this group.  Go Ginza, French Affair and Meet Me At the Altar were all paler and more pink. 

Baguette Me Not vs. Dress Call vs. Bond With Whomever vs. Under Where?

The ones in this group are a lot closer. Under Where? is much more pink toned and Dress Call is a similar tone of purple but it's deeper. Baguette Me Not is closest to Bond With Whomever. I would say that Bond With Whomever is a bit warmer and Baguette Me Not is a teeny bit lighter.

Fondant of You

This is a really pretty orange coral! It seems to have a similar golden orange shimmery flash running through just like Sweet Souffle. This formula is really nice to apply. It's opaque in 2 coats although my nails that have ridges had some very slight unevenness. I did a 3rd coat on those nails. If I had used Ridge Filling base, all my nails would've been opaque in 2 coats.

Fondant of You vs. Brazilliant vs. Tart Deco vs. Peach Side Babe

Fondant of You is a softer, more peachier shade compared to Brazilliant but a more orange shade compared to Tart Deco and Peach Side Babe. The golden orange flash of shimmer softens it too.

S'il Vous Play

Yes! So happy to see Essie stepping out of their box and doing a shade like this. It's so beautiful! It's also easy to apply in 2 coats. I know I'm a creme girl but I'm loving the glitteriness of this one. It's so fine and sparkly.

S'il Vous Play vs. Nothing Else Metals

S'il Vous Play is an unique shade for Essie so the closest one I had was Nothing Else Metals. It's totally different but it shows you how glittery and sparkly S'il Vous Play is compared to a chrome polish. 

Eclair My Love

Eclair My Love has a gorgeous flawless formula. It's opaque in 2 easy coats and self-levels great. If you don't have a summery red like this, this one would be perfect to add your collection.

Eclair My Love vs. Sunset Sneaks vs. Peach Daiquiri vs. Cute As A Button

Cute As A Button and Peach Daiquiri are both lighter and more pink.  It doesn't really show in the pic, but in person Sunset Sneaks is more orange than Eclair My Love. They are actually different and there's no dupes here.

Eclair My Love vs. Come Here vs. Berried Treasure vs. Resort Romanza

Come Here is lighter and more orange. Berried Treasure is lighter and less red and Resort Romanza is very pink in comparison. No dupes! (they aren't as close as this pic shows) Essie does these kinds of reds really well.

You guys, not a single dupe in my collection! This is a really fun collection and all the shades are perfect for summer.

My favourites are Blue-la-la, Sweet Souffle and S'il Vous Play. This collection has been out for a good long while in the U.S. but here in Canada we will start to see these polishes in stores by June 16. I'm loving it. Will you be picking any up?


  • Unknown said...

    Ooh I love Baguette Me Not (greens and pale purples are my polish kryptonite)! In your comparison photo, is that the pink or the purple Go Ginza that's next to it?

  • Chantal said...

    I'm definitely interested in Blue-la-la and Baguette me not. Possibly Fondant of You and s'il vous play. Looking forward to seeing them in person!

  • Vanvi_vi said...

    Ever since I saw that LE announced, I wanted blue-la-la. Have been waiting for the perfect light blue, baby blue, sky blue tone. It's quite opaque, two thin coats are enough, formula is great! Do u know how it compares in color to "first view" (gel couture)?

  • Abbi Crutchfield said...

    Perfect post! Congrats on your first PR sample from Essie Canada! I totally understand how it is a dream come true. I am curious about how Fondant of You compares to Sunday Funday. I'm guessing SF is more Pink. If you ever get it DM me your take! Xo

  • Anonymous said...

    Hi Kindra! Love your blog and your pictures always look amazing!
    I'm looking for a really softer white, maybe like Marshmallow, but Sweet Souffle (and all the others too) looks so nice that I almost want to try it instead - any advice? Anyway, that is super exciting that Essie sent you this collection! Thanks!

  • Kindra said...

    Hi! Going with either Sweet Soufflé or Marshmsklow would be beautiful. My FAVE soft white right now is a gel couture called Dress is More. Stunning and I highly recommend!

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