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Thursday, June 15, 2017 11 comments
I have some serious love for this Essie shade!

I discovered it a few months ago when I bought it specifically for my "Best-Selling Essie's of All-Time" post. From the moment I swatched it, I loved it. I've worn it several more times since then and it just makes me so happy every time. It's a pale pink but not so pale that it's white-based like Romper Room or Fiji. It's got a bit more bubble gum pinkness to it (but not too much). It's perfect! I can see why it's a best-seller.

Since I've loved it so much in the past few months and am most definitely putting it on my fave polishes of 2017 list, I thought it needed a little moment of spotlight with it's own dedicated post. 

Muchi Muchi originally came out in the Spring 2007 Collection and was released with the name "Guchi Muchi Puchi". I'm not entirely sure why it goes by both names to be honest.  You'll find it in drugstores as Muchi Muchi but in salons and salon e-tailers as Guchi Muchi Puchi. Funny enough, another polish released in the same collection was Mod Squad which also goes by Mod Square. Weird! Also, I've never been able to figure out what the name Guchi Muchi Puchi (or Muchi Muchi for that matter) means. The collection it came out in seems to be based on the 1960's with names like Mod Squad, Pinkadelic, Cool-Lots, Jackie Oh My and Mini How High. Soooo...anyone have any idea what Guchi Muchi Puchi could be referring to? I'd love to figure it out!
It has a pretty good formula and is easy to apply. Well, MY bottle is easy to apply. I've people message me on Insta and say they find it difficult, so this might be one of those polishes that can be finicky. You can get it opaque in 3 coats but it will look best with a coat of Fill the Gap or Ridge Filling Base as your base coat.
Have you discovered this beautiful shade yet?


  • Vanvi_vi said...

    With "muchi muchi" I'm always reminded of "moshi moshi" (japanese phone aswering prase) and with "guchi muchi puchi" it sound like talking to a baby "guchi guchi goo" (or something like that). But I have no clue XD Maybe ask the Essie contact?

    Anyways, I've discovered Muchi muchi last summer, and I love it so much. I'm mostly into bold colors, so this polish is my go to for when I need to tone it down :D

  • Unknown said...

    I do like the bubble-gumness of the color, but I have no idea why I struggled so much with mine! The perfect storm of fail factors, haha... :p

    I saw that it was product number 104? At least according to the sticker! This one has stuck around!

  • Unknown said...

    The name comes from Italian design houses Gucci and Pucci, from the 60's. Mucci does not exists, so people say things like " she dressed in her Gucci, Muchi and Pucci" meaning all designer gear, in a kind of pretentious way. The cc, sounds ch is Italian, so I gues essie just spelled it phonetically.

  • Cat said...

    Gucci and Pucci are both fashion/handbag/accessories designers. Essie generally focuses their collections on fashion-oriented themes, so that's the connection I would make from the name. "Muchi" might simply indicate "much" or "a lot". I love this color!! Thanks for the review. <3

  • Anonymous said...

    Cat is right. Gucci, Pucci, Mucci is an expression to indicate too much designer stuff, blink, ptretentious. Used in Italy and other EU countries.

  • Kindra said...

    It's original release number was 586 from my research online and that's what my bottle says. I asked the Essie execs why numbers are different and it's because they don't have much of a system like they used to! They used to number them in the order they were released but now Essie just gives them random numbers. They'll also reassign numbers to polishes. So 104 would've been the number of a discontinued polish that Essie gave to Muchi Muchi. Doesn't make much sense to me! I wish they would've just stuck with the old number system.

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