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Tuesday, June 20, 2017 4 comments
You know those times when there's a polish colour you didn't know you needed or even wanted until you see someone else rocking it? That's how Essie Flashed was for me. 

We were in New York and I got to choose any summery Gel Couture shade I wanted to swatch and this one wasn't even on my radar. I actually told myself I didn't need a red Gel Couture at all because I have so many red Essie's and I don't wear them that often. If I do think of wearing red, it's usually deep and berry toned and I wear it around Christmas. A shade like this never even crossed my mind. But then Taryn (@missladyfinger) grabbed it and put it on and my eyes were so drawn to her nails! This is THE PERFECT bright summery red with a hint of orange. I couldn't leave without getting a bottle of this electric poppy for myself. 
Of course it goes perfectly with my summer wardrobe. This was absolutely the colour I didn't know I needed!

The formula is perfection. Application is easy and buttery in 2 coats. 
I'm obsessed. So in love with this shade. Thanks for the inspo Taryn!

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  • Fanny said...

    Love your blog! I wonder if you could make a red comparison on the blog? I know that there are lots of different types of red, but would need help finding the perfect go-to red! One that is not too dark or too light. Not for coral, berry or pink. I got flashed, too too hot and with the band in my collection, but i would like one in between that which I can wear all year round. Some tips? :)

  • Kindra said...

    Thank you Fanny! I can definitely work on a red comparison for the future. For a great all season red polish, try Essie Really Red. It's lighter than With the Band but darker than Too Too Hot. It looks great on all skin tones too! I have a post on Really Red if you want to see pics :)

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