Coming Soon : New Essie Treat Love & Colour Shades

Thursday, June 8, 2017 3 comments

Another super exciting launch I've been waiting for is new shades in the Treat Love & Color line!

The Essie execs said these ones will be more opaque than the last ones that were released. If you read my review, you'll know that I LOVE this TLC line from Essie! These nail treatments legitimately work. I tested one out for 2 weeks and saw a significant improvement in my nails (go HERE to see). So having more colours to choose from when I feel like my nails are in need of a break from regular polish makes me so happy. Especially more opaque colours. I'm not sure if they will be totally opaque, or if they will just have more pigment than the last ones.

I don't know when these will be released, but my friend Jennifer from @nailsbyjenntendo64 let me know she found 3 new shades on already. I also found the same three shades on So it looks like the U.K. is getting this collection before anyone else! I don't remember how many shades Essie is releasing in this collection, but I thought there was a Chinchilly style taupe-grey colour that I don't see on either of those sites. But maybe I'm wrong. Or maybe this is a typical case of the U.K. getting different shades than the U.S. (the U.K. got Tinted Love from the last release and the U.S. didn't). The shades Superdrug and Boots have available are:  See the Light, Good as Nude and Tonal Taupe.
I'm loving the idea of that peachy pink 'See the Light', especially if it's opaque. Also, 'Tonal Taupe' is looking a bit like Lady Like here and that's definitely a good thing. We'll see which shades I'll be able to get my hands on in Canada though!

Do you like this idea of new Treat Love & Color shades? Have you tried the TLC line yet?


  • Chantal de Medeiros said...

    I haven't tried any of the TLC polishes, but I've been curious about them every time I see them in the store. I may have to try one. I tend to get a lot of peeling and sometimes yellowing of my nails. In your other TCL post, you mentioned the polishes helped to mask the yellowing. Did you find it also got rid of the yellowing after taking it off, or does the polish just mask it while it's on?

  • Jennifer Tibbitts said...

    Thanks for the shoutout! ^_^ I should really start a blog so you have something to link to! :p

    Now that I'm a little more into sheers, I should think about picking one or two up!

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