Coming Soon : Essie Gel Couture Gala Bolds 2017 Collection

Tuesday, June 6, 2017 12 comments
In celebration of the 1 year anniversary of Gel Couture, Essie is releasing 12 new shades called the Gala Bolds Collection. There's some bold creme shades but also some pretty shimmery pearl finishes and also some polishes with gold glitter in them. It should be a fashion forward, star-studded collection!

I've made it no secret that Gel Couture is my favourite Essie formula, so I'm excited to see new shades to choose from. Here's all the shade descriptions of the 12 polishes being released:

Front Page Worthy, PR Stunt and Beau-tie are calling to me!

Also being released with this collection, is a new Gel Couture top coat called Platinum Grade Finish. Essie claims this is a quick-drying top coat infused with pro-platinum technology into the gel couture signature high shine formula. So it should last even longer than the regular Gel Couture top coat and dry faster. I'm a huge fan of the regular Gel Couture top coat and use it over my regular polish mani's all the time, so I'm really curious to see how this one compares. is the only place I've see swatches so far and it was only for 6 of the shades. Karen is in Canada like me and said that we Canadians are only getting half the collection. OMG so sad! The blue shimmery one called Front Page Worthy isn't even in our release!
Canadian shade release. Photo by

I'm not sure why that has been happening this year. The Wild Nudes Collection was a 9 polish collection but Canada only got 8 shades. To make it worse, every salon supplier I've been to is only carrying 6 of the 8! 

As for other countries, my friend Rhian (@sundancegirl) is from the U.K. and was sent 5 of these polishes by Essie UK PR. They are different than the 6 us Canadians are getting. I'm not sure if she was sent those 5 because they are just samples or if the U.K. will only be getting half the collection as well. She let me know that the U.K. website Ella Gray is carrying all 12 of the polishes though, while I discovered that Boots only has the 5 available that Rhian was sent. 

The U.S. will see the collection sometime in June but us Canadians will have to wait until July 11 for the release. Americans can actually already find this collection available on I'll have some links below for you (affiliate links). Europeans can also already order this collection from

So what do you think?? Any shades you are dying to see in person? I'm going to have to figure out how I can get my hands on Front Page Worthy!


  • Shimmering Highlights said...

    So glad they are extending the gel couture line. I am so sad we are only getting 5 of them in the UK and don't understand why. I saw them in my local Boots store today, but their not the colours I was interested in.
    I saw Ella Gray had all of the collection, but when I looked further into this company, they also sell through Amazon and even though they have a UK website, they are shipping from the US, so that's why they are selling all of the collection.
    I definitely want to get PR Stunt, after seeing the swatch pic on Instagram. I need to see some of the other colours before deciding. It looks like if I want them, I will have to buy from Ella Gray site.

  • Unknown said...

    UK is only getting FOUR of the Wild Nudes! I ordered the 4 I could get from Boots and then bought the rest from Target in the US.

    I may be interested in Sizzling Hot and/or Style Stunner if they are really that bright. I also want Beau-tie so I will have to grab that here in the US.

    In regards to Ella Gray, I have ordered from them before on Amazon UK and I got a US bottle of After School Boy Blazer and I was so disappointed!

    Let me know if you can't get Front Page Worthy and maybe I can see if I can mail it to you...??

  • Unknown said...

    For the Gel Couture stuff, ordering from Ella Gray won't matter since the brush is the same. If you are looking for regular polishes though, just be aware you will probably get US bottles/brushes instead of the wide UK paddle brush. Color will still be fine, but you risk getting the skinny US brush.

  • Kindra said...

    I wasn't all that impressed with PR Stunt in the first one or two pics I saw, but the more I saw pics the more I'm in love! 😻 I'm totally going to need that one!

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