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Thursday, May 25, 2017 7 comments
Hey Girls!

I've been working on a little behind the scenes stuff and started updating some of my old posts that had ugly nails, dry cuticles and all around just bad nail blogger photo's. Cringe!! I updated the posts with newer, and in my opinion, much better photos but I thought I'd show you where I started and how far I've come. Want to take a little walk down memory lane with me and see how my nails and photos have improved?

Maximillian Strasse-Her

When I wrote the Maximillian Strasse-Her post, I had only quit biting my nails less than 6 months earlier. When you are a nail biter for 20 years, it takes some time for them to heal! I could not for the life of me grow them past this point. I also didn't know about cuticle oil apparently! This was the dead of winter and the skin around my nails is dry and red with exaggerated lines. This photo is small and doesn't show it super clearly, but I had them blown up HUGE on that post and you could see every little crack and crevice and sore spot. I'd say my current cuticle care is much improved. Read the post HERE
Left: old photo
Right: new photo

Van D'Go

My cuticle care started to get a little better at this point, but my nails still wouldn't grow. I still had shorties in this post. I also have a few nails that flare out at the tips and because I used to polish the entire nail, the flare was really exaggerated. I've since improved my technique and I'm able disguise any flaring out. Read the post HERE
Left: old photo
Right: new photo

French Affair

For about 6 months in 2015, my good Canon Rebel XT camera was broken so I used my iPhone instead. For the most part it worked okay, but it really over saturated the polish colours. I had a really hard time getting them accurate and it frustrated me so bad. These two photos are taken in the exact same spot in my house but the old picture is so over saturated. Even my skin looks pinky-orange and weird. Read the post HERE.
Left: old photo
Right: new photo

Angora Cardi

In this photo, my nails are getting longer and I was back to using my good camera. The lighting is decent although I could've used a white foam board to bounce the lighting and eliminate the harsh shadows on the right side of my hand, which is what I do now. (White foam core board is $2 from the dollar store. Such a simple fix but makes a big difference!) The thing I hate most about this photo is how I was so bent on having super square nails! Ugh. I love them on other people but they just don't suit my cuticles/hand (it took me a long time to figure that one out). A squoval or round shape is much better for me. Notice how the very slight rounded edges on my newer photo compliments the shape of my cuticles better. Read the post HERE

It's kind of fun to see the progress and improvements!


  • Jess said...

    I've always enjoyed your blog but I'm impressed with how you've improved your skills over time! It's fun to revisit some old posts and photos. I never realized how much your iPhone can distort the colors! Anyway, keep up the awesome work!

  • Cat said...

    Hi Kindra, all those little adjustments in lighting, cuticle care, attention to nail shape, etc. REALLY make the difference when you want to have delightful, pretty pictures. I enjoy posts like this one, with "behind the scenes" facts and before/after shots. Thanks for this and ALL the inspiration you give me! <3

  • Kindra said...

    Oh thank you Jess!! Yeah at the time I was in no hurry to fix my camera because I thought my photos were fine, but sometimes I could NOT get my photos to look right and it was always because the colors were too strong. As soon as my camera was fixed I thought "man these are soooo much better!" Haha. I'm glad to have improved and figured things out :).

  • Unknown said...

    I love walks down memory lane! It's funny you mention your "flared" nails because that's how I identify your nails in posts on Essie or Pinterest...especially on your middle finger, I'm like, yup that's Kindra! :)

  • Kindra said...

    On the other side of my light source. If you've got light coming in a window from the left, then you put the white foam board on the right with whatever you are taking pics of in the middle (ie: your nails). The white is reflective, so light will bounce off it and act like there's a light source coming in from the right as well.

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