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Thursday, May 4, 2017 6 comments

Gearing up for our trip to New York all of us ECC girls were DM'ing each other like crazy. One of the topics that often came up was picking up nail polish from each other's countries that we couldn't get in our own. I already mentioned that I had asked Aleksandra to grab me a bottle of Essie Madame Wiesn from Germany, but when Rhian mentioned that she could get us something from London, I had to do a bit of research. What Essie was available in the UK that I couldn't get here in Canada?

That's when I remembered seeing the Retro Revival 2 Collection that was released earlier in 2017. I only ever saw swatches of these polishes on European blogs or instagram accounts and had never seen them here, so I was pretty sure these were re-released Essie's exclusive to Europe. Here's the lineup of what came out:

After looking at only a few swatches I knew I needed Rhian to get me a bottle of Sweet Tart. It's this gorgeous looking mushroom greige with a hint of lilac. It's also full of tiny shimmer that totally show up, even when you aren't in direct sunlight. The best part is? When you are in direct sunlight the shimmer is pink. It is such a pretty polish! It's a great neutral with a little twist. 
Sweet Tart has a nice formula that is sheer but is opaque in 3 coats.  Even though the formula is kind of sheer, it isn't streaky at all, and you could definitely leave it at one or two coats if that's how you like it. Because this bottle comes from the UK, it has the nice wide European Essie brush which makes it a breeze to apply.

Sweet Tart originally was released in the 2004 Fall Collection called Luscious, which had some seriously risqué names! After Sex, Berry Hard, Poppy Cock...what?! I actually have the polish called After Sex. I found it at a Dollarama a couple years ago and picked it up because it knew it was from an old discontinued collection. I thought After Sex was a pretty cheeky name for a polish but had NO idea that there were so many others with similar names in the same collection! Haha

Sweet Tart vs. Comfy in Cashmere vs. Lady Like

The only two polishes in my collection that came close were Lady Like and Comfy in Cashmere. Lady Like is much too mauve and Comfy in Cashmere is quite a bit darker. It has the same shimmer effect to it, although the fine shimmer in Comfy in Cashmere is blue while the shimmer in Sweet Tart is pink. Comfy in Cashmere also has a matte finish so I needed to use top coat to get it to look similar. I also thought of comparing Sweet Tart to Mochacino because of the shimmer, but the base colour of Mochacino is much much darker.  

I'm super happy with my choice of adding Sweet Tart to my collection! I know I will get lots of wear out of it since it's such a pretty lilac greige nude. Thank you so much Rhian! Now I'm off to put this polish in a special place with Madame Wiesn and a bottle of European Garden Variety that my friend Charlotte who's from Norway sent me last year. It is so cool to become friends with people over the internet, who are from totally different countries, and to bond over something that you both have in common!

P.S. Kristina I'm still kicking myself that I didn't get a bottle of Shine of the Times from you!! (insert crying emoji) It needs to live on my polish shelf with the other ECC girls polishes. Next time we meet girl ;)

*Updated to add: My girl Sarah informed me that this re-release of Sweet Tart has actually been updated from the original! The original was a lavender grey with a pearl finish, not anything like the pretty greige with lavender shimmer it is now. It was quite an outdated finish on the old polish so I'm really happy that it was updated! Although, I'm curious how someone who was really hoping for a bottle of the original would feel picking this new version up? They are definitely not the same polish. Check out Sarah's swatches HERE and HERE.


  • Chantal said...

    You've mentioned you've been to Dollarama and picked up Essie polishes. The ones you've found there, do they have the names on them? Whenever I see them in Dollarama around me (in Alberta), none of them have names, so I can't tell which ones they are. Very frustrating. Chantal

  • Kindra said...

    Hi Chantal, a couple years ago the Essie's I found in dollarama were amazing. I haven't seen good ones there in at least a year. They did have all the names on them when I bought. The ones they have there now with no names on them are all the magnetic Rep-Style polishes. They sat for a long time on the shelves and I think they wanted them to look more like a regular Essie, so they ditched the big chunky magnetic cap and then repackaged them in those clear cellophane bags. That's why there are no names! Any dollarama I've been to in the last year still have those polishes in their shelves too. It sucks because I loved finding random Essie's there.

  • Unknown said...

    I wonder how Sweet Tart compares to Demure Vix. And is it Demure Vix, or Demure Vixen? My bottle says Vix, but I have seen it spelled both ways online.

  • Kindra said...

    I think Demure Vix looks very very similar to Ladlike except for the shift to it. And it's both Demure Vix and Demure Vixen!! Some polish names got changed and now have two names, ex: Mod Squad - Mod Square, Gucci, Muchi, Puchi - Muchi Muchi. I have no idea why!

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