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Since I'm such an "Obsessie" I love knowing Essie history.  A couple years ago, I thought it would be fun to start sharing that Essie information with you as I discovered it and I started my "Classics" series. Any polish that was created back in the 80's and 90's and was classic enough to withstand the test of time and is still in the permanent collection gets featured here. So let's discover this beautiful pink called Fiesta together, shall we?

Fiesta is definitely an oooooolllllllllddddd Essie shade. The number on this polish is 37, so it was released in the very early days around 1981 or 82. Essie Weingarten said in an article that once she found her chemist who created the perfect nail polish formula, she would take him inspiring colours from her travels and get him to create it in polish form.  Fiesta was born from a satin pincushion in a raspberry colour that she fell in love with. It still has that perfect formula too. It's creamy and easy to apply in 2 coats. It self-levels beautifully as well. 
Michelle Saunders, one of Essie's Lead Manicurists, also loves how beautiful and classic Essie Fiesta is. She says it's a very flattering shade for a lot of people. It's also the best bright for fair skin tones. People constantly ask her about it when she uses it on photo shoots. 
When I started researching for this series, I came across both Pansy and Fiesta. I couldn't decide between the two, so I decided to get both. I wasn't at all mad about that, because they were both hot pink polishes so it allowed me to do this Hot Pink Comparison (ugh. Please ignore my terrible nail shape! I was convinced that square nails were the be-all and end-all but didn't realize they did not suit my hands/nail beds at all! I've obviously remedied that :) Maybe I need to re-take those photos? Yes. It's decided. I'm totally going to re-take those photos one day soon.)
I can't believe it's taken me two years to finally write a Classics post about this polish! I was reminded about it again when the girls at Essie put it in our hotel room because we were going for dinner at a Mexican restaurant and "Fiesta" fit the bill perfectly. This is not the kind of polish you easily forget about. 


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