The Nail Polish Shades I Created With Essie!

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You guys! I'm back from New York and my time with Essie and the girls from the @essieclubcollab! It was beyond incredible. So much more than I could've imagined. I have soooo much to say about it and yet it's hard to put into words just how magical the whole thing was. There's so many pictures to sift through and so many things to say and I wanted to do the post justice. I didn't think I could get my thoughts together in time for today, so I thought I'd swatch and share with you the custom shades I made in the Essie Lab!! (will definitely post more on the ECCtakesNYC trip later this week!)

All of us girls were freaking out when they told us we would get to go into the lab and make our own bottle of polish. My thoughts immediately went to making a yellow. I have about 300 bottles of Essie polish and only one of them is yellow (Aim to Misbehave). That shade is much more deep and golden than I like, so what I wanted was a beautiful pastel yellow. Lauren's List already created the PERFECT pastel yellow when she got to go into the Essie labs, and since I love super light shades, I decided to make my yellow even paler. 


Butter Blossom

I LOVE how this shade turned out! I was thinking of soft pretty petals on flowers but also the bottle literally looked the colour of butter,  so "Butter Blossom" became my shade name. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. If I had a bottle of "Lauren's List" and "Butter Blossom" then my collection of Essie yellows would be perfect and complete! The formula is completely opaque in 3 coats and self-leveled really nicely.

Butter Blossom vs. Chillato

The closest Essie shade I had in my collection was Chillato, but its much more of a pistachio green.

You can see that Butter Blossom is even paler in tone that Chillato. Being next to Chillato is making it look like it has some green in it, but it doesn't. It's just the palest buttery yellow. And it makes me so happy :). Essie needs to make this shade for real.

We thought we were only going to get to create one shade, but then they surprised us and said we could make TWO if we wanted! The other shade I really wanted to create was a dusty mauve but in a lighter tone than what Essie currently has. I was thinking Island Hopping but lighter. This is where things got VERY tricky and we all learned how hard it is to mix polish shades. Getting what is in your head to transfer to the bottle was so hard. Maybe if I had the exact colour I was going for in front of me represented by a piece of clothing or some other item, I would've had an easier time, but going straight out of my head didn't work. I also was torn and kept making the polish more of a pastel because I'm all about those pastels. In the end, I ended up with quite a mauvey pastel that was pretty and Lauren and Hannah told me they loved it, but I was scared it would look bad on my skin tone. I had worked so hard and long on the polish colour that most other girls were already done and heading back upstairs for lunch. I probably should've just bottled my shade as is, but I panicked and thought "it needs to be more pale and more of a cool tone!" so I dumped a bunch of white in and a drop of blue. 


Sweet Pea

While this is not at all the colour I was going for, I actually really love it on the nail! Totally my kinda colour. It's a dusty mauvey purple but super duper pastel. Originally I called it "Essie Envy" but I was unhappy with that name. I didn't like the way it worked with Butter Blossom, and I also didn't want to call it that when I was going for a real mauve tone. I decided to look up names of purple flowers and came across "Sweet Pea". That's been my daughter Arya's nickname since she was born, so I thought it was perfect! It has meaning close to my heart and works well with Butter Blossom. 

Sweet Pea vs. Go Ginza vs. Hubby For Dessert vs. Meet Me At The Altar

In the bottle, Sweet Pea looks the closest to Hubby for Dessert. Sweet Pea is lighter than Go Ginza and Meet Me At the Altar is more pink.
Left to Right: Go Ginza, Sweet Pea, Hubby for Dessert & Meet Me At the Altar

These pictures make the polishes look closer than they are in real life. Go Ginza is cooler toned and had more of a purple saturation. While Sweet Pea and Hubby For Dessert looked the same in the bottle, they are so different on the nail. Sweet Pea is much more opaque than Hubby for Dessert and all the white in the formula makes it way brighter too. The formula is soooo opaque! It's almost a one coater! But it's not thick and goopy, which is nice. I did do two coats to completely cover any unevenness, but I was shocked that I could've gotten away with one! Yay, go me! Haha.

The girls from the Essie Club Collab completely inspired me with their nail art while I was in New York! I thought I only liked the look of solid polished nails but seeing their nail art designs in person was so good. It definitely made me realize I need to try and do more of it. Most girls were surprised to learn that I actually have a Bachelor's of Fine Art! I definitely have the skills to execute nail art, I just wasn't doing it because I thought I didn't like it. ALL THAT HAS CHANGED! I will for sure being playing around with more nail art designs and that has me sooooo excited. 

I wanted to do a nail art design using my two custom shades and I love how it came out! I used Sweet Pea for the base, Fiji for the flowers, Going Guru for the leaves and Butter Blossom for the centre of the flowers and dots on the nail.

I also pulled out my dusty mauve sweater to wear today (I went from 15 degree C weather in New York, back to snow and 0 degree weather back in Alberta!). It shows how Sweet Pea is a similar shade of dusty mauve but just way lighter. I'm curious what it would've looked like if I had just left it alone and not added all that white? Or even bottled one bottle of the former mauve colour, then added a bunch of white and then bottled it. Oh well. It was still the ultimate Essie Lovers experience of a lifetime! 
Please tell me: What shade would you have created in the lab if you got the chance?!?!

P.S. Every shade the other ECC girls made was one I wanted! I wish we could've brought home a bottle of everyone's!


  • Shimmering Highlights said...

    It looks like you had a fantastic time and what a great opportunity to make two of your own polishes. They look great colours.
    I really don't know what colour I would make, it's so hard. I tend to go for a lot of pink colours, so probably would have been that shade.
    Instagram @shimmeringhighlights

  • Unknown said...

    What an AMAZING experience! I followed yours and some of the other girls' experiences on instagram posts and stories. What a dream!
    I love your nail art! I'm with you, I think solid nails look better in general, but a subtle design like this is so lovely and delicate. Well done!
    I have NO idea what shade I would try to make. Maybe a light seafoam blue/green color - mint candy apple is too bright for my tastes, so something like that but more muted. And I love all the pale pinks so maybe something in that range too.

  • Mrs W said...

    That's so awesome that you got to make your own shades and they are beautiful!! I would've made grey-purpley one, I feel like that color is me in a bottle. Purple is my favorite color and I'm an introvert so the greyish part would be my introvert side, lol, does that even make sense? How cool would it be if Essie released a collection called Essie Club Collab and made all of the shades you guys made available to everyone else? That would be so cool!!

  • Claire said...

    Love your colours! Essie is definitely lacking the pale yellows. What a neat experience you had! I'm finding myself drawn to pastels, too, at the moment. I think my personal shade would be a pale coral. Corals seem to be inherently bright so I don't even know whether this would be possible :P

  • DancesWithHooves said...

    Oh my dear I am SO excited you got to do that! When I saw your post headline (I follow you on Pinterest) I was all set to grab my purse and ORDER those two shades, stat, because they look GORGEOUS! Essie, please please consider picking these two up! In the meantime, Kindara, I'll admire your lovely comparison pictures! ;)

    I'm not sure, presently, what shade I'd create if I had the chance. I'm in one of those "off seasons" where my choices of manis are fairly plain. :)

  • Unknown said...

    That's such a cool opportunity! I'm also a fine arts major with a second major in chemistry, so I'm mucho jealous! I love all the colors, but the two yellows are probably the most flattering yellow shades I've seen. Maybe since two of you went the light yellow route Essie will take a hint and release a similar shade in the near future. One can hope!

  • Adry said...

    What a great experience Kindra! I saw a lot of pictures on IG and I can tell you have a good time! Did you get to make suggestions about what colors Essie should come up with in the future? I can't wait to read your other post about this trip!

  • Kindra said...

    Thank you Claire! It seriously WAS a dream. I got worried I was t snapping or doing instastory enough but the whole experience was so incredible, I was trying to just savour it and take it in.

    Love the idea of a seafoam blue/green color! Like Absolutely Shore, but more blue toned maybe?

  • Kindra said...

    That would honestly be a dream! I LOVED the other girls colors so much. And I'm so with you on the purple-grey Mrs W!! There's an Essie purple grey that was only released in Germany that I asked Aleksandra (who's from Netherlands) to order it and bring it to me in New York! I'm dying, it's so good!! I never thought I would be able to get my hands on a bottle so I'm so happy :)

  • Kindra said...

    Claire I would be all over a shade like that. Maybe like Van D'Go but lighter? It was soooo hard to mix pigment together. You had to have a knowledge of color theory (which I do) but it was still hard! I mean, you add white, red and blue and would get a pastel purple. More red would make it more pink. A drop of black made it was hard to get mauve! In the end I had to add both a drop of blue and yellow to make green because green is opposite red on the color wheel and makes brown. I give so much props to the chemists in the Essie lab who do this for a living!!

  • Kindra said...

    Mary L you have the perfect combo to work in an Essie lab!! We really drilled it into the Essie execs that they needed a pale yellow. We also met Rebecca Minkoff and she asked us what colors are missing that we wanted to see and we said PALE YELLOW!! All the collection colors are set up until winter so maybe we will see a pale yellow next spring?!

  • Unknown said...

    I love your shades and their names, but butter blossom got my heart ! So good if Essie came out with something like that. If I were to create a shade it would be inspired by a lavender field. Since I also love sparkle, it will be an olive leave green with a purply lavender shimmer :-)

  • Chantal said...

    Love those colours you made! So pretty! They definitely need to make those permanent, especially that yellow. I'm not a fan of yellow polish, but I would definitely buy yours!

  • Kindra said...

    Iskia thanks for the love for Butter Blossom! I just want to wear it all the time now 💛 I'm in LOVE with your lavender fields idea! That would make such a pretty polish.

  • Mrs W said...

    I JUST read your response to my comment here after reading your latest post on the Essie haul from NYC. That purple seriously has me drooling!! I wish I knew somebody that lived or was traveling to Germany anytime soon! Hmm...:)

  • Kindra said...

    I know it's so good hey?! I wore it to arrive at the penthouse on day 2 and a few of the Essie execs were like "what is on your nails?!" I told them it's an Essie only found in Germany and they looked at each other and said "how can we bring that here?" Maybe Rebecca Minkoff should do a collection inspired by Germany and they could release that color here!

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