NYC Nail Polish Haul : Essie's from Europe, Gel Couture & Gifts from Essie

Friday, April 21, 2017 15 comments
Hey Essie Lovers!

I thought I'd cap off my NYC trip week with a haul! OF COURSE I came back from New York with a ton of new polishes so I thought I'd share them with you. 

I mentioned in my post recapping our trip, that I walked into my hotel room and there was a beautiful display of Essie goodies, including nail polish and cookies specially made for us (I've already eaten all of them, but I'm saving the big red heart with #essieclubcollab!) I cried seeing the display because it was just all so REAL that I was actually in New York meeting the people behind Essie and the girls I met online. 

They also made everything so personal for us. There were 10 polishes lined up for us to take home with this card:

How cool is that?! Our itinerary was laid out for us in Essie polish names! The polish colours are so beautiful. Even though I have a ridiculously huge Essie collection, I didn't have half of these polishes so I'm stoked to add them to my collection. 
Starting with the top dark one and going clockwise: For the Twill of It, Secret Story, All Access Pass, Adore-a-Ball, Play Date, Fiesta, High Class Affair, A Cut Above, A List and Imported Bubbly. 

That first night after meeting all the girls and the ladies from Essie, we headed back to Rhian's room. Prior to the trip, all of us had sent each other on wild goose chases to track down polishes from each other's countries so we could share them when we got to NYC. Rhian is from the UK and I knew Essie had released a special Retro Revival 2 Collection only in Europe, so I really wanted a polish from that collection. 
Left: Madame Weisn
Right: Sweet Tart
Sweet Tart is a soft taupe colour with mauve undertones and lilac shimmer so I knew that was the polish for me! I was so grateful Rhian was able to find it and grab it for me.

Also, I follow a lot of German nail polish accounts on Instagram (only the ones that feature Essie though ;) and my jaw hit the floor last October when Essie released an Oktoberfest collection exclusive to Germany. There were three polishes in that collection, but the one I wanted most was Madame Weisn. It's a gorgeous dusty purple. I NEVER thought I would be able to own that polish, but I messaged Aleksandra to see if she could get her hands on it. She's from the Netherlands, but was able order it from Amazon Germany. Oh I can't tell you how excited I was!! It's soooo beautiful. I've already worn it and love it to pieces. Let me know if you want to see swatches and posts dedicated to those polishes.

Two of my other favourite polishes that I came home with were the polishes I created in the Essie labs. I'm still obsessing over the pale yellow one called Butter Blossom. On Instagram, you guys gave so much love to Sweet Pea and that makes me so happy! Thank you guys. You're the best. 
Left: Sweet Pea
Right: Butter Blossom

In my recap post, I mentioned that we were taken to the Essie offices in Hudson Yards. We walked into this big beautiful board room with an insane view of NYC and were told they had our favourite nail polish waiting for us where we were supposed to sit down. Last week I posted my Favourite Essie's of All-Time and I told you how hard that post was to pick my favourites! It was actually hilarious when Anna sent us an email before the trip and said "email us back and tell us your favourite Essie shade". All of us ECC girls started DM'ing each other and were like "how can they expect us to do that?! I can't pick just ONE favourite!!" I was so torn, but I eventually narrowed it down to Topless & Barefoot, Pre-Show Jitters and Lace Me Up. I wasn't sure how I would choose and finally my husband said "show me the three you've picked...I'll pick for you!" That's how I finally emailed Anna and said Lace Me Up :). When I sat down she also gave me a bottle of the Gel Couture topcoat and said "you can't have a gel couture without the topcoat". Bless her heart! That's my favourite top coat ever. I even wear it over regular polish. 

After our photo shoot in the penthouse, Taryn said "go pick three Gel Couture or core collection polishes to take home." You guys should've seen us swarm the polish table! Haha. It was so funny. It was like we were lions going in for the kill. My hands went straight for the Gel Coutures. It's my favourite Essie formula. Off Duty Style was the first one I grabbed because that has been on my wish list forever. The other two were ones I was just curious to try. Flashed looks like it's going to be a perfect bright summer red and Find Me A Man-nequin reminds me of Suite Retreat or All Access Pass, so I can't wait to try it on. 
Left to Right: Off Duty Style, Flashed and Find Me a Man-nequin

And last but not least, I had to mention this fun pink with shimmer in it. I didn't actually haul it, but on our very last day, all us girls who were still in NYC and hadn't gone to the airport yet, went for breakfast and shopping together. You'd think after 3 days of polish talk and being inundated with Essie polishes that we'd do something non-polish related but NOPE! We went nail polish shopping! We walked into a place called Ricky's that had a huge Essie collection for us to shop from. One of the girls grabbed this shade called "The Girls Are Out" and said "what a perfect polish name to commemorate this trip!" Anyone who didn't already own it grabbed a bottle, and a few extras were grabbed to mail to the other girls who weren't with us. I already owned it but I still thought I'd feature it since it so perfectly works with our ECCtakesNYC trip. 
Essie The Girls Are Out

Even though I came to New York with carry-on, I had to have checked baggage when I flew back to Canada. Too much polish! Actually, I take that back. A girl can never have too much polish ;)

In case you missed them and wanted to catch up, here are my other posts from my New York trip:


  • Jess said...

    What an amazing trip and an excellent haul! Imported Bubbly has a special place in my heart because I wore Imported Champagne (an earlier version of that color) on my wedding day. And it's so cool that you were able to get some international polishes, too.

  • Adry said...

    The girls are out have been on my list forever! It is the only one I am missing from the the collection it was from. I can imagine the weight of your carry on on the way back home!

  • Mrs W said...

    I love reading posts like these!! Thanks for sharing! And please do swatches of the international polishes you got, I had never heard of Essie doing special edition polishes like that. The purple one made my hear skip a beat!! It's a "me in a bottle" polish!! :)

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