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Tuesday, April 11, 2017 4 comments

I recently made an order from and needed to add a few more polishes to get free shipping. Since I love Gel Couture so much I figured I would add some new Spring shades to my Gel Couture collection. This pretty sapphire purple was one that I ended up adding to my cart. Do you see how it has a flash of pinky purple shimmer in the bottle shot above? It shows up when you are outside in the sunshine too!

Me and my girls in our #essieclubcollab on Instagram did a collage of our favourite Essie Purples for April and I almost submitted this colour! It's so gorgeous. Ultimately I went with Lilacism because it's been a long time love of mine and I have a brand new bottle that isn't blue. But I could've just as easily submitted this one though. My friend Aleksandra from @xglitzandpolishx said she almost submitted this colour too!
Of course I had to find out if this shade was like any of my regular Essie polishes.

Labels Only vs. Suite Retreat vs. Shades On vs. Using My Maiden Name

I'm happy to report, nothing is quite the same as Labels Only. Using My Maiden Name has the same flash of fuchsia shimmer but has a much much lighter base colour. Shades On is a different shade of purple (more warm-toned instead of blue) and Suite Retreat is darker and more blue-toned.
I'm always happy when that happens. It helps me justify my many Essie polishes (which I think is hovering in the upper 200's right now). 

I'm glad I took a chance and added this beauty to my collection. 


  • Adry said...

    I love the his type of colors even though my friends always "you already have that color, woman!" Hahahaha they don't get they are similar but not the same

  • Emma said...

    I've had this polish since last summer but have yet to wear it. It's right up my alley but for some reason I can't get excited about it. Maybe it's my skin tone? Idk but it looks gorgeous in your photos! I'll have to give it another shot soon

    Ps sorry for all the comments, kids in babysitting are asleep and of course I'm catching up on your posts!

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