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Monday, April 10, 2017 7 comments
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Woah! Essie is surprising us with a random collection out of left field! I just got wind of this collection on Saturday when my friend Olivia (@essiebuff) went to Kohl's in the U.S. and then messaged me a pic of the display she found. We seriously had no idea this collection was coming! She was able to grab 6 of the 9 nude/neutral polishes.

What a gorgeous line up of colours! I'm aaaaaallllllllll about nudes and neutrals so I'm incredibly stoked for this collection. The U.S. already can get their hands on this collection since Olivia found it at Kohl's and a quick google search will show you it's available on (unfortunately not shipping to Canada though!) It looks like us in Canada will have to wait for the official launch date of May 16, 2017. I CANNOT WAIT to get my hands on this collection!! I want to swatch and compare this collection so bad. If you are itching for swatches, has swatches she posted today and I also heard from Lauren that she should have swatches up soon on

For some reason the U.S. is getting all 9 of these polishes but us in Canada only get 8...ummm, WHYYYYY?!?! For some reason we don't get Truth or Bare.

I'll try to get ahold of this collection as soon as I can. Leave me any requests you have for polishes to compare! I'm thinking Udon Know Me compared to that blue, Sew Psyched compared to that army green, Smokin' Hot compared to that smokey purple and the list goes on! If there's more you think of, let me know in the comments.


  • T.C. said...

    Were you able to find some of these while you were in NY? 6 of them are available on Sparkle Canada. I only bought two since they didn't have all the colours I wanted.

  • Jennifer Tibbitts said...

    I am very excited for a new collection but I also feel like there may be some dupes in this one? I think I will have to wait for a comparison post to pick and choose which ones I want to buy!

  • Jennifer Tibbitts said...

    "Clothing Optional" - "Sorrento Yourself"?

    "Exposed" - "Sew Psyched", "Fall in Line"?

    "Mooning" - "Udon Know Me"?

    "Without a Stitch" - "Master Plan", "Chinchilly", "Bangle Jangle"?

    I really like the look of "Wild Nude" and "Bare with Me", but I also feel like they could be dupey! Especially "Bare with Me", with all the rose shades out there!

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