April Nail Polish Favourites

Thursday, April 27, 2017 6 comments
This was the month of pastels for me! I didn't even intend to hit all the colours and yet somehow I did. I just jot down every time I'm obsessing over my manicure in the month and at the end I tally it all and take a picture of all the bottles lined up. Apparently it's a polish lovers candy coated rainbow!

Bikini So Teeny

At the very end of March I did a post on Essie's best selling polishes of all time. I really have never thought I was much of a Bikini So Teeny fan (I had a bad experience with the formula a few years ago) but pulling it out and swatching it for the post had me looking at it in a whole new light! I ended up wearing it as a full manicure and absolutely loved it. I didn't want to take it off. It's the perfect cornflower blue that borders on periwinkle. 

Mint Candy Apple

This was another one of the those polishes that I was never that into just because of the hype. I've always been frustrated with this polish because the old formula was so bad. I've had the new green Mint Candy Apple for almost 2 years now but hadn't really bonded with it much. I thought I was over mint polishes. But again, I swatched this one for the Essie Best Sellers post and something clicked with me. I loved this mani so much! 

Spool Me Over

I had the hardest time choosing what polish to wear to New York but finally landed on this pretty nude peach. I wore it to New York in the Fall and loved it and I decided I wanted the polish to have sentimental value and be my "New York" shade. A bunch of you DM'd me on Instagram and asked me what I had on my nails because you liked it too!

Perfect Posture

This was a runner up polish that I almost wore to New York. I LOVE this pale blue with hints of lilac so much! When I got to New York I was admiring Laurie's nails and she was wearing Perfect Posture.  There were a few other people that worked at Essie and I'd catch myself staring at their nails and be like "that shade is so gorgeous! I wonder if its..." and sure enough, they were wearing Perfect Posture too. It's just so good.

Lace Me Up

Before we went to New York, we were asked to tell them what our favourite Essie shade was. That was a tough question! In the end, I went with Lace Me Up, because I've always loved these pale shades of pink but I love it in the Gel Couture formula so much more! The Essie team gifted me this bottle of Lace Me Up, so as soon as I got home I had to put it on. I even questioned myself "is this really my favourite Essie?!" but I got it on the nail and couldn't stop admiring my hands. Yup. Definitely. 

Sweet Pea 

When you get to make your own custom shade of polish in the Essie labs....it's definitely a favourite! I HAD to include this polish for this month's favourites. I wasn't sure about this shade when I was bottling it, but as soon as I got it home and got it on my nails, I fell completely in love. 

Butter Blossom

My other custom Essie baby. I love this one even more! I just want to wear pale yellow on my nails for the rest of Spring (ooooh! And how good would it look in summer with tanned skin?!)

Take A Walk

This shade is so unassuming in the bottle but once you get it on your nails it's pure gorgeousness! It's such a fun pop of colour for Spring (and summer). It's quite similar to Chillato but a bit more green leaning and brighter. The days I was wearing this, I'd wear a simple outfit, like a white t-shirt and black jeans and this colour on my nails was the perfect compliment!

other things I'm loving this month....

Nail Art!

I know I've mentioned this a few times already, but meeting my nail besties in New York was so incredible. All those girls are so talented and beautiful. But seeing them create nail art in real life, not just on a phone or computer screen, really inspired me! I came home and all I wanted to do was paint nail art. I don't really have any tools yet, just toothpicks and a dotting tool, but I've really loved the process of creating. This was my first look that I did with my custom shades and I was obsessed with it. I wore it for 4 days straight and was sad when I had to take them off!

Like I said, I only have a dotting tool so far, so I'm limited in the designs I can do, so I keep playing around with florals. It's perfect for me anyways since I'm all about floral prints in fashion and I have no problem wearing them on my nails. This bolder, more graphic design, has been on my nails for 4 days already and I have no intentions of taking it off! Actually, I've already decided that if it starts to chip on me, maybe I'll just take it off and redo them the exact same. 

That was a lot of favourites for me! I'd love to know which polishes you were loving this month. 


  • Jess said...

    I'm also super into pastels this spring! I've been loving Bikini So Teeny and Mint Candy Apple. Right now, I'm wearing Treat Love Color in Lavendearly to give my nails a little break. Oh and thanks for the tip on how to keep BST from getting clumpy, too. I have been trying this out with a new bottle and so far, so good.

  • Kindra said...

    Jess I'm glad that tip is working! Bikini So Teeny is such a pretty shade, its really a shame if the formula gets clumpy. I'm also a huge fan of Laven-Dearly :)

  • Emma said...

    I'm all about pastels right now! This month I have been super into first view, passport to happiness, bond with whomever, and ciao effect (literal perfection, wearing it now), and after years of not giving into the Muchi muchi hype, I finally picked it up last weekend and tried it on my toes.... of course I'm now obsessed!

  • Mrs W said...

    A rainbow of pastel-y goodness makes me happy!! Funny story, two days ago I painted my nails and since it's been rainy and crappy over here I thought I'd paint my nails a gray-ish, somber color to match the weather. Well I ended up picking Shall We Chalet? instead. I had only used it once before but I love it right now! How did my mind go from a gray, to a pastel, to a dark red is beyond me?! Isn't it funny how different colors just strike our moods? Long story short, Shall We Chalet? is my favorite for April. Thanks for the post! :)

  • Kindra said...

    Mrs W my polish choices are totally affected by my moods and the weather too. Or I'll see someone wear a color and suddenly I HAVE to put it in my nails too. Funny what strikes our fancy :)

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