Nail Polish Haul : New Essie's & Gel Couture's

Thursday, March 23, 2017 4 comments
It's been sooooooo long since my last haul! It's a really random assortment of colours but I thought I would share anyways since I missed doing these posts. They really help me keep track of where/why I buy the polishes that I do. When my collection was smaller I remembered every detail of where the polishes came from, but I buy so many Essie's I just can't remember anymore!

Gifts from friends:

I'm so happy to have friends that think about me when they see Essie on sale. Bailey sent me a text awhile ago that she found East Hampton Cottage for $2 and since I didn't have it yet, she grabbed it for me. I was able to do THIS post about Essie's that change colours since this polish is supposed to be a soft pink. I still really like the shimmery ivory tone of it though. Bailey also had Blue Rhaposdy and this super random and elusive browny-grey called Gym Dandy in her collection. These are NOT Bailey's colours at all, so she she said I could have them. I was super stoked to add them to my collection! Especially Gym Dandy. It came out in the Fall 2012 Yogaga Collection and you can't find any of those polishes anymore. I'm lucky enough to own a bottle of Boxer Shorts, but would absolutely freak out if I could get my hands on Pilates Hottie from that collection!
Left to Right: East Hampton Cottage, Blue Rhapsody & Gym Dandy

As soon as the Spring 2017 Collection showed up on, I had to scoop it up! My full review with comparisons is HERE.
To get free shipping I had to order $75 worth of polish (the amazing thing is, I don't actually pay $75! If you start an account and review some polish you can get a 12% discount. I also usually get another 10% discount for ordering a large amount, so a 22% discount on already cheaper Essie's is an amazing deal!) Anyways, to get to $75 mark, I added some other lemmings to my cart. I wanted some Springy/Summery Gel Coutures in my collection so I grabbed Take a Walk and Labels Only. Can't wait to wear those! I picked up some classic Essie's for a future post: Wicked, Eternal Optimist and Guchi Muchi Puchi. I've already worn Guchi Muchi Puchi and I'm obsessed! That one has been recommended to me by lots of readers as a great pale pink, and you guys were sooooo right.
Left to Right: Take a Walk, Labels Only, Wicked, Eternal Optimist and Guchi Muchi Puchi


I had been seeing lots of posts all over instagram on Essie's new line Treat Love & Color. I wanted to get my hands on them so badly, but honestly could not find them anywhere. When I was grocery shopping one day and came across the new display, I immediately had to grab one! I picked up Treat Me Bright and did a full 2 week wear test and review to see if that actually improved my nails (post HERE. *Spoiler: this stuff totally works!).

Shoppers Drug Mart

Bailey is the best, so she texted me that Shopper's Drug Mart way over on the west side was clearing out their Essie's for $5.99. Of course I had to go out of my way to check out that deal! I ended up grabbing Fun in the Gondola and Comfy in Cashmere. I also came across a display of Essie TLC for $9.99. By this point I knew I loved Treat Me Bright, so I grabbed the other two Laven-Dearly and Sheers to You (swatches HERE).
Left to Right: Laven-Dearly, Sheers to You, Fun in the Gondola, Comfy in Cashmere & Lilacism
 The girl working there said she could give me a free Essie, either In It to Wyn It or Mark on Miami. I was stoked! I told her I had a blog and Instagram about Essie and was a huge collector. I didn't have either of those polishes, so she let me have both! Bailey got Gallery Gal and the white base called Pop and Prime for free, so I'll be able to do a little review of that neon collection closer to Summer.
My free polishes!
Left: In It to Wyn It
Right: Mark on Miami
I couldn't stop thinking about the clearance sale and tried to figure out which other polishes I didn't have/needed. Finally I decided to go back and pick up a bottle of true Lilacism. This is now my THIRD time buying this polish and I'm determined to keep it as lilac as I can for as long as I can! This little baby went into a dark drawer instead of my polish rack. We'll see if it turns blue or not (fingers crossed it won't!)

I saw on that they had a fourth TLC polish available called Tinted Love, so I knew I wanted to order that before posting the swatches of the full collection (post HERE). While on the site, I found a bottle of Gel Couture in the colour Turn 'n' Pose for 50% off. I couldn't pass up that opportunity so I grabbed that beauty and wore it HERE.


While at Walmart the other day I decided to pick up this bottle of Gel Couture called Stitch by Stitch. I've been considering getting it for awhile and now that I have Eternal Optimist and Fun in the Gondola, I thought it would make a great dusty rose comparison.

Well that's it for my polish haul! What polishes have been catching our eye that you've picked up lately?


  • Alison said...

    I was googling Essies and saw this site called had some for $3 each and free shipping. They didn't have much of a selection, but I got Petal Pushers which I've wanted forever, Strut your Stuff which I'm so excited for and Sew Psyched. Then for fun I decided to try one of the magnetic snakeskin ones, so I got Crocadilly, and I picked up Belugaria since I was curious about it. Haven't tried any of them yet though because I had to wear Mojito Madness for St Patrick's Day and now I'm wearing Lady Like.

  • Melissa_C said...

    You'll LOVE that bottle of Stitch bu Stitch - said by someone who has it, and gives it much love! Great haul (and how I wish I could have laid my hands on Yogaga as well! :(

  • Kindra said...

    That's a great haul Alison! Thanks for the heads up on that site. My friend texted me after you commented and was like "we NEED to check out that website!" Unfortunately they don't ship to Canada 😫

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