March Nail Polish Favourites

Thursday, March 30, 2017 6 comments
Where the heck did March go?!

I'm in the thick of a busy month and April is going to be even busier. I'm currently about 5 hours from home with my 8 & 9 year old daughters for a four day dance competition. I'm writing this the day I'm packing up to leave. Good thing these posts are fairly easy to write! I start a draft and throughout the month I add the shade names whenever I obsess over a manicure I'm wearing. Here's what I was loving this month:

Zip Me Up

I first tried this polish back in December and absolutely fell hard for it. I never got a chance to write a blog post about it, so I figured the month of March was the perfect time to write about this gorgeous green (post HERE). If you love Absolutely Shore from the regular Essie line (which I totally do) then you'll love this one too. It's a bit paler and doesn't have that grey tone that Absolutely Shore has but they are quite close (check HERE for the comparison). Zip Me Up also has the added benefit of that subtle turquoise shimmer.


Last month I picked up the white Treat Love & Color polish called Treat Me Bright and it made it to my favourites post. I didn't even know if it worked, I just liked the look of it! It ended up working amazing and I picked up the rest of the polishes from this care line. I got lots of compliments when I wore this lavender TLC called Laven-Dearly. My photo didn't pick up the flash of purple/fucshia shimmer in this polish, but it's clearly there in real life. 

Sheers to You

This is the sheer pink from the same TLC line. I loved the look of this one! When I was wearing it and admiring my nails, I kept thinking "I feel like I have no need for my regular sheer pinks now!" I say that because it gives me the same look of those sheer pinks, but it has the added benefits of making my nails healthier and break less. My nails became really strong during the whole month I wore this TLC line consistently. My peeling hasn't improved but a friend on Instagram suggested I'm not drinking enough water and the lack of hydration is causing the peeling. I'd say she probably hit the nail on the head! I'm so bad for drinking enough water, so I'm going to try and be consistent about drinking water and see if that helps. I'll keep you posted.

Guchi Muchi Puchi (aka Muchi Muchi)

See what I mean about the TLC polishes making my nails longer and stronger! This is probably the longest I've had my nails ever. I even tried out a more rounded nail shape and I really dug it. It matches the shape of my cuticle beds well, so I think it was quite flattering. This shade is such a lovely soft pink and quickly became a fave. It's also an Essie all-time best seller! (post HERE)

Lace Me Up

As much as I loved the longer nails, I was playing with fire. I really should've filed them or trimmed them but I didn't (just to see how long they would get) and after a month, I finally had a decent nail break. Luckily it wasn't a huge break, it just took my nails back down to their regular size. It's all good though :). After swatching Romper Room for THIS post, I decided I really wanted pale pink nails. But of course I had to choose Gel Couture because it's my favourite ever and lasts well on my nails without chipping. Lace Me Up is a dupe for Romper Room so I put this on and I'm obsessed! I love this colour so much. Lace Me Up made it into my January Favourites and now it's making a reappearance in my March Favourites so it's quickly climbing the ladder of All-Time Fave Polishes. 

There were so many good polishes this month like Come Here, First Timer and a bunch from the new Spring Collection, but when I write these posts I just have to go with the ones that really speak to me when I wear them. The ones that give me the feels and these pale pinks and pastels did just that. As they always do ;)

What polishes were you loving this month?


  • Anonymous said...

    Meet Me at the Altar is my prized spring color this year. Although, seeing you post Zip Me Up makes me want to run out and buy a similar green!

  • Kindra said...

    Those are PERFECT Spring colors! Love both of those. I saw a friend's swatch of Blossom Dandy on Instagram recently and I've been craving it on my toes. I need to remedy that situation soon!

  • Adry said...

    Have you nails become yellow? If so, how do you hide that? I would like to wear Ballet slippers or Sugar Daddy but I feel that the yellow in my nails will be very visible :(

  • Kindra said...

    You could try a coat or two of Laven_Dearly from the TLC line as your base. That should combat the yellow and then maybe Ballet Slippers or something on top? Sometimes my nails get yellow when I leave dark colors on for a few days.

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