February Nail Polish Favourites

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If you wear polish according to seasons, then February is a weird time. It's still winter and cold and snowy, yet you're kinda over it and all the darks and grey polishes that come with it. But it's not warm and Springy enough for bright colours either. If you check my instagram, February was littered with purples, blues and pinks and my favourites overall were nudes and pastels. A couple of these I didn't even post on Instagram so I'm excited to share my faves with you!

Spool Me Over

I absolutely loved wearing the Gel Couture colour Spool Me Over. It's such a gorgeous pale apricot shade with a hint of pink. It's so flattering on the nail and it's a manicure that you can wear with anything. If you don't like nudes that look like your skin tone, this one might be a great pick for you because it's similar to a nude yet has that subtle peachy-pink thing going on.

Go Ginza

It's been soooooo long since I last wore Go Ginza and I had been itching to do the post on the two different coloured Go Ginza's since I received my second bottle back in October. As soon as I swatched my old Go Ginza (the more pink-toned one) I was swooning. THIS is why I used to love this polish so much!
Then I swatched the new bottle (the more lilac-toned one) and I was head over heels for that one too! I'm glad I have both in my collection. My lilac Go Ginza can take the place of Lilacism (since mine is all blue and discoloured).

Treat Me Bright

I finally came across the new Treat Love & Color line in stores and was so stoked! I decided to just try one bottle first and if it works, I'll get more. I love me a good sheer that makes my nails look pretty and healthy and if its also making my nails legit healthier, then I'm all over this! I'm currently in the middle of a wear test for this polish. I didn't want to post a review of it until I can tell you whether my nails are less dry and brittle (review coming soon!) but this is a favourite this month because I just love the way it looks. Treat Me Bright has a very sheer milky tone to it with blue reflects.

Treat Me Bright + Fairy Tailor + Sparkle on Top 

I was playing around with ideas the other day and came up with this combo and I'm totally obsessed. The photo doesn't do it justice. This is so pretty! I was already wearing Treat Me Bright and it has some purpley-blue reflects in it, so I put Fairy Tailor, a sheer pink over top. I can't remember if I did one coat or two. But the part that MAKES this mani, is adding a coat of Sparkle On Top. I got the idea from MissHollyBerries. I think it was in her January Nail Polish Favourites where she said she wore the Gel Couture polish Sheer Fantasy with a flakie top coat over it. I LOVED that idea. Since I don't have Sheer Fantasy, I thought Fairy Tailor would be the next closest thing. I have a bottle of Color Club Snowflakes (which could be a dupe for Essie's Shine of The Times) and I was going to use that when I saw my bottle of Sparkle on Top and grabbed that instead. If you have a sheer pink and any kind of flakie top coat, you must try this combo!

I'm pretty predictable with my pastels and nudes as faves. What can I say?! I like what I like. I'd love to hear what polishes were you loving this month?


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