Essie Treat Love & Color : Treat Me Bright, Laven-Dearly, Sheers To You & Tinted Love

Thursday, March 16, 2017 2 comments
My love for Essie Treat Love & Color is still going strong! (read my full review and wear test of TLC with pictures to show how my nails improved HERE)

It's been another full week of wearing TLC nail strengthener (3 1/2 weeks total) and still no breaks! That's pretty unheard of for me. This is the longest my nails have been in a very long time and I would normally have had a break or several breaks by now. But my nails feel really strong and I don't think that's going to happen. They are more rounded than I normally wear them because I got that little chip/break a couple weeks ago on my pointer finger. I didn't want to lose the length so I rounded all the corners of my nails to match.
Not only are these helping my nails get stronger, they also protects my nails. When my nails are bare, the peeling nails are exposed and get caught and peel more. I've always felt my nails are better off with nail polish on them, but this stuff also has ingredients in it to make them healthier! I've not only been wearing them on their own, but also under nail polish as a base coat. That works wonderfully too.
Left to Right: Treat Me Bright, Sheers to You, Tinted Love & Laven-Dearly

I went out and bought all four colours of the line to swatch them for you (and also for my collection. I plan to never be without them!) I think in North American stores you can only get 3 of these polishes and in the UK you can find the fourth one (Tinted Love). I happened to find it on and ordered it. No matter where you live, you should be able to find one of these babies that works for you!

Treat Me Bright

Treat Me Bright is a sheer milky white with fine blue micro shimmer reflects. The blue reflects didn't really show up in the picture, but they do in real life.
I like the way these nail strengtheners look best at 3 coats, but wanted to show you how each of them look at one, two and three coats. 

Treat Me Bright is good to combat staining on your nails. I had just worn a bright red polish so my nails were a little yellow because of it. 3 coats of Treat Me Bright takes care of that.


Laven-Dearly is a sheer pale lilac with purple/fuschia micro shimmer reflects.

All of these TLC strengtheners come with the amazing wide, curved brush like the Gel Couture polishes. I love that feature on these! It makes them so fast and easy to apply. The brush on my bottle of Laven-Dearly was wonky, with one side that was longer than the other. I took a pair of scissors and trimmed it and it fixed it right up, but I wanted to mention it in case you run into the same issue.

Laven-Dearly is another perfect one to combat yellow staining on your nails. 

Sheers to You

Sheers to You is a sheer milky pale pink with fuchsia micro shimmer reflects.
I loved wearing this one. It gives me a similar effect as my Essie sheer pink polishes, but I know that it's improving my nails. You could also wear this as a base coat under one of those polishes to get the benefits of it.

Tinted Love

Tinted Love is a sheer peach  with coral micro shimmer reflects. The other shades show minor streaking (which doesn't bother me. In real life the streaks aren't obvious. It's only taking pictures up close that you really notice them) but this one is the most even and showed the least amount of streaking. This one almost takes on the look of a nude polish with 3 coats.
At only one or two coats, Tinted Love will actually enhance and show off yellow staining instead of combating it. Although if you get 3 coats on your nails, there's no yellow peaking through and it looks quite nice. 

Here's all 4 TLC polishes together. 
The day I took these photos, it was quite overcast. I regretted that I couldn't show off the micro shimmer, so this morning as I typed up this post I looked out and saw the sun. I quickly painted my nails so I could take a pic and show you!

All around, I just love these. They are great for wearing alone or under polish and really do strengthen your nails! After 3 1/2 weeks I haven't seen a significant difference in the peeling on my right hand, but it definitely took care of the brittle nails on my left, swatching hand. I'm so happy I haven't had to cut all my nails down in the last month because of a break!

Have you tried these? Have you seen any improvements? Which colour is your favourite?


  • Stacey said...

    I bought Treat Me Bright based on your other post and am basically in love with it! It's only been a week but I'm really hoping to see an improvement in the peeling that happens on my pointers - so far so good! The brush on mine is also longer on one side and I've noticed that on a Gel Couture bottle. It made me wonder if they're supposed to be like that! :)

  • Anonymous said...

    I also bought treat me bright after your other post. I really love the look at 3 coats and looking forward to healthier nails. Really enjoy these comparisons. Thank you :)

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