Essie Spring 2014 Hide & Go Chic Collection : Swatches & Comparisons

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Back in January of 2014, we got our first peak of this Spring Collection. I remember being sooooo excited! I absolutely loved the muted colour palette with a couple of bright pops. I could not wait to get my hands on it.

As the release date loomed closer, my newborn baby girl Arya caught a little cold. The cold escalated to her having difficulty breathing and she landed in the hospital at 4 weeks old with a viral infection in her lungs. I had to stay in the hospital with her (Facebook memories have been reminding me of this lately with pictures of breathing tubes in her nose and an IV in her little baby arm) while my husband worked full time and took care of our other three kids. It's was a stressful and crazy week! Our incredible friends brought my husband meals, took care of our kids while my husband worked, took our girls to school and visited me and Arya in the hospital. They didn't feed me any meals at the hospital and I never wanted to leave Arya's room for long, so friends would stop by with meals and snacks to keep me going. One day my friend Bailey showed up with a bag of snacks and a few of the new Spring 2014 Collection polishes to cheer me up! My friends are the best. I didn't even know the polishes had been released yet, so the fact that she picked some up for me was such a surprise. Luckily Arya got better and we got to go home after 5 days. There was another surprise waiting for me when I got there. My friend Bree who lives 1200 km's from me, sent some polishes from the Spring Collection with her husband who was on a business trip and delivered them to me. I'm so amazed at the thoughtfulness of my friends! Between Bailey and Bree, I received all 6 of the polishes from this collection. I already loved the colour palette but the story behind how I got them makes these some very special polishes to me. 

Having a baby recovering from lung issues and three other kids, I never got around to swatching, comparing and blogging about this collection 3 years ago, but I really wanted to add it to my archives. So here it is 3 years later! While you probably have seen most of these polishes already, hopefully you still find it interesting and/or useful with the comparisons :)

Spin the Bottle

This was probably my first nude polish ever. I didn't think I liked nudes so this sat untried for a long time. Of course once I tried it, I fell in love! Nude polishes are some of my absolute favourites now. This one is very pretty with a hint of pink. It has a thin, sheer formula. It will flood your cuticles and flow down the side wall of your nail if you don't apply thin coats. It needs 3 coats to be opaque. This polish would also benefit from a ridge filling base coat like Fill the Gap. I didn't use one and my ridges are showing dark spots with this formula.

Spin the Bottle vs High Class Affair vs Topless & Barefoot vs Cocktails & Coconuts

Out of all of these, High Class Affair is the closest, although it's peachier in colour. It looks closer in this picture than it does in real life. 

Romper Room

I'm obsessed with this colour! If you liked the pale pink Fiji before it changed to baby pink, this is a great replacement.  The formula is much more pigmented than the last one, although still takes 3 coats to be opaque. It doesn't completely self-level although top coat will fix the very minor ridging. Even with those flaws, it has a much better formula than Fiji.

Romper Room vs Fiji vs Lace Me Up vs Peak Show

Peak Show is even paler and cooler in tone. The other three look identical, which I've mentioned before (Lace Me Up HERE and old Fiji HERE). Lace Me Up might be ever so slightly different, but not enough that you can tell the difference on the nail. 

Fashion Playground

I love this one too! It's a pistachio green creme with very fine sparkles. The formula is thin but it builds and self-levels nicely. It's opaque in 3 coats.

Fashion Playground vs Mint Candy Apple vs Passport to Happiness

I know there are a ton of mint green polishes out there, but Fashion Playground is unique among other Essie's. Mint Candy Apple (the newer, greener version) is brighter and more blue-toned and Passport to Happiness has some grey in it. Check other mint comparisons HERE

Truth or Flare

This is the exact colour of medium wash denim. It's another thin sheer formula. Opaque in 3 coats and self-levels nicely.

Truth or Flare vs Udon Know Me vs First View vs Parka Perfect

There's no other Essie blue quite like this one. 

Hide & Go Chic

When I saw the promo pics, this blue was one that I was immediately drawn to! The formula on this one and the next are totally different than the previous ones. It's a much more pigmented and creamy formula. It's self-leveling and opaque in 2 coats.

Hide & Go Chic vs Mezmerised vs All the Wave vs Avenue Maintain

Hide & Go Chic is an azure blue that is unique to my collection. In this photo, it looks really close to Mezmerised but it's actually lighter and more yellow toned. My camera has a hard time with blues this saturated. 

Style Hunter

This was the other one that caught my eye when this collection was released! I used to be sooooo into these pink-toned reds. It also has an awesome formula. It's self-leveling and opaque in 2 coats. 

Style Hunter vs Altitude Attitude vs Watermelon vs Double Breasted Jacket

My camera also has a hard time with reds. I know all these shades look the same in this photo, but Watermelon is quite different. It's lighter and more pink. The other two are basically dupes though. They are slightly more bright red than Style Hunter but it's so close they look the same on the nail. 

It looks like the only polishes Essie added to their permanent line from this collection was Fashion Playground! The rest you should still be able to find. All my regular online spots like and still have this collection.
At the time I probably would've said that Style Hunter and Hide & Go Chic were my favourites but since I've had these polishes for 3 years, I know the ones that have gotten the most wear! Romper Room and Fashion Playground have stood the test of time and have become my favourites for sure. 

Did you pick up any from this collection, either then or now?


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