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Tuesday, March 21, 2017 3 comments
I have my friend Bailey to thank for turning me onto this gorgeous nude shade.

It took me a couple years to get into nude polishes. I just didn't get the appeal of them until I saw them on Bailey's nails in person. Once that happened, I would hop online and order the polish because I needed that effect on my own nails! That's what happened with Lady Like. I saw Bailey wear it and it was all over for me. 

If you are at all unsure about wearing nude polish, then Lady Like is a great place to start. It has both pink and mauve undertones so it's definitely not a "mannequin hands" nude. Essie naming this polish "Lady Like" is the perfect description because your nails feel long and elegant when you wear it. And if you are curious to see Lady Like next to other Essie nudes, check HERE.
This polish came out in the Fall 2011 Brand New Bag Collection, along with popular shades like Carry On, Glamour Purse, and Power Clutch. It's a great 2 coat formula that self-levels nicely.

When I discovered this polish, I was obsessed and blogged about it with other Essie Mauve polishes. That's become my most popular post ever! I dig the mauve trend so much.
Another bonus? Lady Like matches my favourite sweatshirt perfectly. 

Have you discovered this gorgeous Essie shade yet?


  • LaraLeaf said...

    Thank you for bringing this polish back to my attention! I do love it but, with so much polish, it is too easy for me to lose track of polishes. It took me awhile also to understand what the hype of nude polish was about. Now, even with all the polish I have, I find myself wanting to wear nudes more than the others, which I force myself to ignore. Hahah, with you highlighting this polish, I don't feel so bad using it, with all the other colors peeping for some attention!

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