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A couple years ago when I started researching Classic Essie's for THIS blog series, I would come across these crazy popular shades like Bikini So Teeny, Tart Deco and Mojito Madness and I'd think "I should do a post on those!" Even though they were popular, they didn't fit into the category of "classic". They were released much too recently to be a classic. So based on their popularity, I'm going with "Cult-Classic".

Mojito Madness was released in the Summer of 2012 in the Bikini So Teeny Collection.  I had just barely quit biting my nails, so I didn't know of Essie yet. I remember months later reading polish blogs and going back into their archives to read about Essie releases and every nail blog was freaking out over the colour of Mojito Madness.

Mojito Madness is a bright grassy green creme. I took these two photos a few weeks apart and realized the tone of green looks a bit different in both. Depending on the lighting, Mojito Madness takes on a more yellow-toned look, so I posted both. 
The formula is kind of thin and runny so you have to apply thin coats or you will flood your cuticles. It's opaque in 2-3 coats. On some nails it was fine in 2 but some still had dark spots where it wasn't completely opaque yet, so those got a third coat.

In my research, I came across this image from Essie and it was filed under "Most beloved shades of all time". 

I like how Essie says it's the perfect shade to kick off your summer sandals. It's definitely a shade that provides a gorgeous pop of colour, whether for your toes or your fingertips. I've noticed the pop of green trend in fashion right now and I'm really into it!

I love it paired with black and white. 
I can see why this polish has gotten it's popularity! It's a great green to add to your collection. 

If you want to see how this green compares to other Essie green polishes, check out THIS post I did last year. You can also see how Mojito Madness compares to the new green On the Roadie from the Spring 2017 Collection HERE. Any one of those greens would make a fantastic St. Patrick's Day mani!


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