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Tuesday, February 14, 2017 2 comments

Happy Valentine's Day!

I thought it appropriate to feature a super pretty pink on this occasion. Haute to Trot was released in 2016 in the 42 original Gel Couture's. Essie Canada actually sent me this polish at the beginning of September last year (which was incredibly exciting!) but I was too busy wearing Fall shades to try this one out. My friend Bailey is a pink-aholic so she actually tried it out before I did. She loved it so I bought it for her as a Christmas present.
The formula is really nice and smooth and easy to apply. It's opaque in 3 coats.

Bailey's favourite Essie polish is Boom Boom Room and I actually gave her this polish thinking it was a dupe for it. So of course I HAD to see how it compared!

Haute to Trot vs. Boom Boom Room vs. Lovie Dovie vs. Knockout Pout

I'm surprised nothing is similar!  I thought Haute to Trot was going to be a dupe for Boom Boom Room but when I pulled it off my shelf to compare, just from the bottle I could tell it would be a bit different. 
I did however, think that Lovie Dovie would be a dupe because it looks like it from the bottle. But nope! Haute to Trot stands on it's own as a shade. It's a cool toned bright pink and much lighter than Lovie Dovie. Knockout Pout is a much more coral-toned pink.

Pink polish has not been my thing for the last year or so (unless we are talking about pale pinks) but I really like this one!
It's a perfect Valentine's mani.

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  • Kindra said...

    Jennifer - YES! Fiji is so pretty! I hate the formula so I never wear it, but the colour is amazing (thats why I'm so happy to have found Lace Me Up from the new Gel Couture collection).

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