Essie Coat Couture (Cashmere Matte) : Review, Wear Test & Making It Last Longer

Thursday, February 23, 2017 8 comments
I remember when this Cashmere Mattes collection was about to come out and being sooooo excited for them! It was something different and the colours all looked so warm and cozy and quite a few of them had this interesting blue flash as well.

I could not WAIT for them to come out. When they finally landed at my local Walmart I bought one up instantly. I thought I'd just try one first and then buy more if I liked them so I ended up with Spun in Luxe, a blackened dark blue with blue shimmer. I painted them as soon as I got home that evening and then went to church the next day. I was bragging about this collection to my friend at church and saying "See?! Isn't it so pretty?!" but we both looked down and saw a small chip on my finger. "Didn't you just paint that?" she asked. It had definitely been less than 12 hours. I tried to justify it and say I probably did something to warrant the chip, but within an hour, I had major chips everywhere. Incredibly disappointed, I took Spun in Luxe straight back to Walmart and returned it.

Later I regretted that decision and wish I had kept it long enough to give you a review with photo evidence! My opportunity arose this Fall when my friend Bailey picked up this Cashmere Matte called Coat Couture so I asked if I could borrow it so I could do a full wear test and review it for you.

Because of my first experience with a Cashmere Matte polish, I didn't expect the wear time to be great. I decided I would document what happened when I wore this polish on it's own but then also try a few other experiments to see if I could increase wear time.
This polish can be tricky to apply. I found it looked the best with a ridge filling base coat because otherwise it highlights ridges and imperfections in your nails, but if you aren't that stealthy at applying polish, it sort of skips and applies unevenly (that was me applying polish to my right hand). It also dries really fast, so if you don't apply it evenly, it will dry and start getting bumpy and uneven. It was absolutely fine applying polish to my left hand, but that's because I'm right handed and quite good at applying it. I'm thinking someone who struggles to apply polish well will hate this polish. It can definitely look terrible if applied improperly! I finally got the hang of it with my right hand, but it's something to keep in mind. It's opaque in two coats.

It's kind of a purpley stone gray and I'm loving it! The blue shimmer flash you see in the bottle isn't super strong on the nails but it does give it a nice sheen. It keeps the polish from looking super flat. If you apply topcoat the blue shimmer is much more obvious. I love the way it looks with top coat as well.


Experiment 1

Base + 2 coats

I wanted to see how long this polish lasted all on it's own. I used Ridge Filling Base as my base coat but I didn't put any on my left hand middle finger to see if base coat makes a difference in the longevity.

In this photo, I'm a couple hours short of the 24 hour mark and I've got some chipping going on! These ones on my right hand (my dominant hand) I actually had within 4 hours of applying the polish. My pointer is very peely, so the nail is weak and chips easily. But 4 hours?! That's unheard of. My middle finger isn't peely but it looks just as bad as my pointer.

There's some pretty significant chipping on my left hand as well, but only on my middle finger and that nail had no base coat.  The rest are still holding on strong. Let's see where we are at in another 24 hours.

Ok nevermind. I only made it an hour after those last photos when I started getting some big chips on my other nails. They now look like this:
Please excuse the bad lighting. I was shooting this very late in the day when the sun had gone down. 
What's up with the polish chipping in horizontal stripes?
Yeesh! That's hideous so I'll be taking this mani off tonight.

Final verdict : 

This polish will only last for 12-24 hours without top coat (regardless of whether you have base coat on or not).


Experiment 2

Base + 2 coats + Good to Go + Matte About You

I figured a good top coat would strengthen the polish, so I added that on top and then a coat of Matte About You to make the finish matte again.

Well, Good to Go kind of shrunk the layers of polish a bit so I have white tips but other than that, no chips on this hand after 24 hours.

My right hand has a major chip on the pointer finger. That's my peeling weak nail that is always my first to chip. It definitely never looks like this after 24 hours of wearing nail polish, but the rest are fine, so if you don't have peeling nails prone to polish chipping it probably wouldn't look like this.

This is the state of my nails after 2 days. I've got some pretty big chips on the edges of my nails on my left hand, although it chipped much more normally than those horizontal stripes from the first experiment.

My right hand surprisingly didn't chip too much more, just more tip wear and the top coat doing some weird separation stuff.

Final Verdict:

You can get a full day of wear without chips using a top coat over Coat Couture with matte top coat on top, but you'll start to see chips part way through the next day. Thats better than wearing this polish with no top coat though, so that's something. I'm not sure if Good to Go will always create that weird shrinkage and separation or if that's just because my bottle is half gone and has thickened up. Maybe use a different top coat just to be safe. 


Experiment 3

1 coat Gel Couture polish + 1 coat Coat Couture + Gel Couture top coat + matte top coat

Okay this might be a weird experiment, but I thought since Gel Couture is a nice long wearing polish that maybe I'd get more wear time with that as my base. I chose to use Twill Seeker since it's so similar to Coat Couture but Take Me to Thread would work well too. This applied the nicest over a coat of Gel Couture. It's really smooth looking with no ridging at all.

This is what my nails look like on day 4! My left hand stayed looking perfect all the way through the first three days and this little chip on my pointer didn't come until day 4.

My right hand peely pointer is very chipped (of course, that's normal) but other than that, just tip wear. That's it! The finish isn't as matte anymore since your nails will absorb oils and lotions and other things like that which makes them more shiny instead of matte.

By Day 5, the chip on my left pointer has really grown. My left hand looks the same, but it's time to take this mani off. Compare this to what my nails looked like after just one day with only Cashmere Matte applied and the difference is night and day! 

Final Verdict:

You can get 4-5 days of wear by applying a coat of Gel Couture polish, then the Cashmere matte, then the Gel Couture top coat and finally Matte About you. This is DEFINITELY the winner if you want to wear this matte polish!


This is a beautiful looking polish but wearing it on it's own is way too prone to chipping. I'm glad I was able to experiment and find a way to make this polish more long lasting! I will definitely be using that trick in the future. It also makes the other polishes in this line more intriguing to me, since I know I can get a decent wear time out of them. You could also wear this polish shiny and make it stronger by applying top coat, but as you could see in Experiment 2, it still is quite prone to chipping. I think applying it over a Gel Couture and using the Gel Couture top coat is the real secret to getting this polish to last; whether you choose to leave it shiny or make it matte again by applying a matte top coat. 

I hope this helped you!


  • Mrs W said...

    I have this polish and I love the color, I honestly can't remember how long it lasted on me last time I used it though. But thanks for doing this experiment, it tells me that I definitely need to invest in the Gel Couture line!!

  • Emma said...

    Oh I've got Cozy In Cashmere but like Mrs W I don't remember how long it lasted on me or even if I kept it matte (I think I wanted to see more of the sparkle so added a non-mattifying top coat).
    Either way, this is super useful Kindra!
    Did you try just adding the Matte About You directly on the Cashmere matte as a top coat? I always thought that it was to be considered as a top coater (with the added bonus of making things matte), but now you have me wondering...

  • Kindra said...

    Emma - No I didn't try that experiment. Matte About You applied on top of regular polish always makes my nails chip quicker than normal, so I thought applying it over an already chippy polish would either not do much, or make it chip faster!

  • Emma said...

    Oh thank you for letting me know!!! I've yet to use my bottle of Matte About You (not felt the need for matte nails) so I'm glad to be aware of the issue beforehand. Maybe I'll sport a polish as a "shiny" for a couple of days before putting Matte About You on it to get the maximum out of that particular manicure! :)

  • Anonymous said...

    Thanks so much for the experiment! I love Essie polish & use it regularly. I've always wondered about the matte about you top coat!

  • Unknown said...

    Well ladies I'm a man and I wear the cashmere spun in luxe on my toes with a base then the color then a 2 layers of topcoat gloss , no chipping at all ,I usually go 2-3 weeks and then change my color,but I guess toes are different?i must say I just love,love,love this color, it's a beautiful dark blue outside or in well lit indoors,(I'm a Virgo blue is my color) and in lower light it looks black another fav color for my toes, not brave enough to wear on my hands . Was wondering if anyone can suggest an Essie color? I'm looking for like neon orange, does Essie make that color?

  • Kindra said...

    Hi Alex,

    Yeah fingers and toes are s but different. My pedi will last a month or so but my mani less than a week.

    As far as neon orange, Essie made one called Mark On Miami. If you put a white base underneath it is super bright and amazing!

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