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Tuesday, January 31, 2017 3 comments

Hey there Essie Loves!

It's made me so happy to be blogging regularly again and I've actually managed to stick to my Tuesday/Thursday posting schedule (with the odd extra Friday post thrown in for good measure). Because I've blogged so much, I wore tons of different polishes this month and I thought it would be fun to resurrect my Monthly Favourites. I wore some GOOOOOOD polishes this month so I have a lot of faves to share with you!


Black nails are so classic and chic. They always look good. Sometimes I forget that because I'm busy wearing all the colour on my nail polish racks, but when I pulled out my good ol' bottle of Licorice, I was loving my nails.

Trophy Wife over Black

Trophy Wife is a really underrated Essie polish. It has some really pretty turquoise shimmeriness. Since my friend Bailey gave me her bottle, I wanted to wear it but I really wanted it to be a deeper shade. I decided to try wearing a thin coat of Trophy Wife over a black polish to see if I could deepen the colour and I absolutely LOVED the effect! Here's what Trophy Wife looks like on its own and below is Trophy Wife over Hang Up the Heels, but it could be any black polish. This is my new favourite! I think I will always wear Trophy Wife like this from now on.

Pre-Show Jitters

Pre-Show Jitters was my first Gel Couture polish and I fell hard for it this Summer. Pulling it out and wearing it in the Winter, it still looks just as amazing! It's a white but not a harsh white. It has some very subtle blush tones to it. I could wear this polish over and over again, year round, and never get sick of it. I took it out to swatch it for my Fave Polishes of 2016 post and as soon as I had it on, my heart swooned all over again.

Sand Tropez

I love nude polishes so much. This one has a grey undertone making it a really pale shade of greige that is oh so pretty and easy to wear with everything. It had been awhile since the last time I wore it, so I pulled it out and ended up writing a whole post about it because I was so in love.

No More Film

This polish was so pretty I ended up wearing it twice! After posting about it on instagram, a follower suggested I wear it with matte topcoat. I was intrigued by that idea and had to try it out. I can't decide which way I like better! Actually yes I can...in photos I like the way the matte looks better, but in person I really loved the shiny version. Either way No More Film was a serious fave this month!

Lace Me Up

This polish is from the new Ballet Nudes collection and I've only had a chance to swatch it so far, but I'm head over heels for it. It's a dupe for the original colour of Essie Fiji but with a way better formula. I can't wait to wear this as a full manicure! This pale pink is super flattering on and I foresee this becoming one of my all-time favourite polishes.

Perfect Posture

Another one from the Ballet Nudes collection! I'm so happy with the three polishes I picked up, but now I'm kinda wishing I had gotten more. Maybe the ivory or the grey with blue shimmer? This pale periwinkle blue is perfection. If you love Virgin Snow, you'll love this one even more. The colour is the same but the formula and brush of the Gel Couture is so good.

I can't believe I had so many favourites this month! What polishes were you loving in the month of January?


  • Unknown said...

    I only wore 4 this month! It was so nice to wear Sand Tropez again, and I loved trying out Merino Cool, a color I've been meaning to try for awhile!

  • Jess said...

    Thanks to your recommendation, I bought Pre-Show Jitters. I'm in love!! The color is so lovely with that hint of pink and I'm on day 4 with no chips at all. This January, I've been loving neutrals and pastels like Go Go Geisha and Virgin Snow. Not sure why since I usually go for dark colors all winter. Do you usually gravitate towards dark or light colors in winter, or both?

  • Kindra said...

    Jess - yay! I'm so glad you love Pre-Show Jitters! I totally gravitate to both dark and light colours in Winter. I'll switch from dark burgundy and dark greyish blue colours like Mind Your Mittens to light pastels. They are my favourite!

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