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Thursday, January 12, 2017 2 comments

Oh, hey there!

It's a fresh new year and I miss my blog posting schedule.  It's my goal to post here at least twice a week. I'll start with posting Tuesdays and Thursdays and go from there. Sound good?

Of course my first post of the new year HAD to be my favourite Essie's released in 2016 (and even a fail). I picked out my Top 10 colours that I wore over and over again, so if you are curious to see my faves, read on!

Shades On

This was the first colour of 2016 that knocked my socks off. It came out in the Spring Collection and it was the first polish of that collection to grace my finger tips. Whenever I wore it, it was one of those polishes that would constantly catch my eye and I would have to take a second to admire my fingernails. Besides being a gorgeous shade of purple, it has an excellent formula too.  

Going Guru

Oddly enough, in 2016 we saw the Spring Collection released in late January and the Resort Collection released a couple months later. Usually it's the other way around. I picked this green shade from that collection because it was so cool and interesting. It's bright and yet it's pastel at the same time (I discovered last year that pastels were my jaaaaaaaaaam. My love for them is still going strong). The formula on this one isn't perfect but it's not bad either. The colour is really pretty so I'll let that slide. 

Passport to Happiness

Next came the Wedding Collection. I procrastinated on ordering these polishes but then completely regretted it later. This collection was full of colours that I love, and THREE of my top ten faves of 2016 were from this collection! This pretty mint shade called Passport to Happiness has microfine teal shimmer in it that give this polish an interesting depth. It's also got a touch of grey to the formula making it a bit more subdued. It's nice if you don't like bright, in your face colours. It's a little more wearable. 

Steal His Name

This one is also from the Wedding Collection. It's a semi-opaque soft peachy pink and it's just one of those colours that I can put on and it goes with everything. It compliments my skin tone nicely and just looks so freakin' good! 

Mrs. Always Right

Another one from the Wedding Collection and the formula is stellar! This polish is so buttery and smooth. It's opaque in one coat but its not thick and goopy. The colour is like the rosy raspberry version of Island Hopping and would look so cool with a coat of matte top coat. 

Go Go Geisha

Now I'm jumping from the Wedding Collection, which came out in the Spring, all the way to the Fall Collection. None of the Summer releases really did anything for me. But the Fall Collection....oh the Fall Collection! As a whole, the Fall Collection was fabulous and full of insanely beautiful colours (I'm sure most people will have Playing Koi on their faves list!) For me, I just loved Go Go Geisha. It's a nude with a touch of pink and mauve in it. I'm so drawn to neutral tones because I like when my nails compliment my outfit. This is the kind of colour I can put on and it will go with EVERYTHING in my fall and winter wardrobe. The slight bit of pinky mauve makes it a cooler colour than just a simple grey or taupe. I know it was a favourite for most Essie lovers too, because this polish was aaaaallllllll over instagram and Essie ended up adding it to the permanent line because of it's popularity. 

Zip Me Up

Ok, now we're getting into my most favourite FAVOURITES from 2016, which was the release of the Gel Couture line. I love everything about these new polishes! The formulas are nice and long lasting on my super chip-prone nails and I LOOOOOOOVE the wide curved brush! All I want in 2017 is more Gel Coutures. This super pale satin mint green is so pretty for Winter and Spring but would also look amazing on tanned skin in the Summer. Obsessed.

Model Clicks

This polish wins for "Most Times Worn in 2016". The colour and formula are so rich and beautiful and it's the perfect burgundy.

Surrounded by Studs

Oh. My. Gosh. The blue is so stunning! I love the shade of this polish as well as the fine shimmer in here as well. I loved this polish so much, I bought it for one of my best friends for Christmas. It's so good and definitely deserves to be in my top faves of 2016.

....and drumroll please....

Pre-Show Jitters

My hands down, absolute number one FAVOURITE polish of 2016 was Pre-Show Jitters! This polish was my first introduction to the Gel Couture formula and I did a wear test review and it performed so well! I picked this polish because I wanted a colour I could wear at any time, in any season, and it does not disappoint. Every time I put this polish on, I admire my nails and think "dang these look good!" It's a white polish but it has a hint of blush to it, making it ever so slightly softer. It doesn't at all look like you've painted your nails with white-out (like in junior high). Out of all the Essie whites I own (which is a lot) this one is my favourite. It has the best formula and application and it's the prettiest shade of white.

Polish Fails:

I didn't do this last year, but you guys really liked when I included my "unfavourites" in one of my Monthly Favourite posts last year and said it was super helpful, and I felt I needed to share this one with you.

There were a few collections that Essie released last year that didn't appeal to me and that's fine. Different strokes for different folks. But what I was actually really disappointed in was the 35th Anniversary Collection called Retro Revival. I really disliked most of the polishes they came out with as they were mostly sheer and these weird outdated pearlized finishes. The star of the collection and the most anticipated re-release was Starry Starry Night. In my initial review, I really loved it and thought it was so beautiful.

I did note that the formula wasn't the same as the OG Starry Starry Night. I also said that the formula was quite thick and goopy but it was okay to apply. I also said that I was getting shrinkage within 12 hours of wear but that it was minor and fine. K. I must have been so mesmerized by this shade that I was overlooking all those flaws! As time has gone on, the mist has worn off and I'm realizing this is just a plain BAD polish. I never did find a topcoat that doesn't make this polish shrink and show major tip wear within hours (this isn't even that bad compared to how it got over time).  

Also, the slightly goopy formula this used to have is now MAJORLY goopy. Like, so gross and unusable. I haven't even worn this polish since last January, so I don't know why it's like this. 

Suddenly, the fact that this isn't the original Starry Starry Night formula is a deal breaker for me and I'm left feeling like this was a big fail for 2016.

Well... there's my favourites for 2016!  Basically pastels and Gel Coutures reigned supreme for me. What were your favourite Essie's released last year? I would love to hear them! List me your Top 5 Faves in comments below. 


  • Jess said...

    So great to see you back posting again! You listed my two favorites which were Shades On and Go Go Geisha. I'm still on the fence about SSN because I love the color so much but I also experienced the same shrinkage & chipping you did too!

  • LaraLeaf said...

    Terrific review. I haven't tried the Gel Coutures yet but have heard nothing but good things about them. And I absolutely agree with you on the whole SSN debacle - what a fraud!

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