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Tuesday, January 24, 2017 2 comments

I feel like mauve has been the polish of the season. I was obsessed with it last Fall and Winter and wrote a post showcasing some Essie Mauve polishes. That post has blown up on Pinterest and become my most popular blog post, so I can tell lots of other people are digging mauve as well! After discovering this summer how much I loved Gel Couture polishes, I started searching the 42 core line polishes for more beauties to add to my collection. Touch Up was at the top of that list!

It's a nice soft mauve polish with a touch of pink. I love that it's a totally different shade than other mauve polishes in the Essie line.  It's not super bright so it works as a pretty neutral shade. I can basically wear this polish with anything and it always looks amazing. When my husband and I went to New York in October, we went with our good friends Bree and Adam. Bree applied this polish before she came to New York because she knew she could wear it for our full week trip without having to change it because of chips. This polish complimented every outfit she wore.  Every time I'd catch a glimpse of her nails, I had to tell her how amazing they looked!

As always, because of the wide curved Gel Couture brush, application is fast and easy (can Essie just make all their brushes like this?!) The formula is nice and smooth and opaque in 2 coats, although you may need a third coat on some nails depending on how you polish. Sometimes if I apply it too thin, I'll need a third but it's not often.

I wanted to show you how Touch Up compared to some other similar shades in the Essie line. It stands alone as a unique shade, so you can totally justify getting it if it tickles your fancy ;) 

Go Go Geisha is obviously way more pale and Lady Like is much more of a browny nude. Warm & Toasty Turtleneck is deeper with more purple tones. I like when shades are unique in my collection!

I'm absolutely loving Touch Up for this season but I love that it's a versatile year round shade as well. Have you picked this one up yet?


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