Essie Gel Couture Ballet Nudes : Swatches, Review & Comparisons

Thursday, January 26, 2017 7 comments

Left to Right: Satin Slipper, Hold the Position, Perfect Posture, Lace Me Up, At the Barre, and Closing Night

Ooooh I'm so excited for today's post! I've loved this entire collection from the moment I saw the first promo on Essie UK's instagram back in December. These are EXACTLY the kind of shades I love, in the Essie formula I love and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it!

I had some restraint and decided to pick up three: Perfect Posture (pale blue), Lace Me Up (pale pink) and At the Barre (nutty nude). I would have gotten all of them, but my friends Jennifer and Sarah  both mentioned that Hold the Position looked similar to Couture Curator which I already have. Check it out here if you want to see Sarah's awesome comparison pic. Also, all the swatch pics I've seen show Satin Slipper and Lace Me Up as looking almost identical with Satin Slipper leaning a touch more ivory and Lace Me Up a touch more pink. Every pic I saw they were hard to tell apart. I decided I would just get one of them and go for the more pink toned one. Closing Night is a beautiful grey polish with blue shimmer and I was thisclose to picking it up as well, but I really want the blue shimmer to be noticeable and very apparent on the nail. Most swatch pics I've seen show the blue shimmer as really apparent, but I was concerned it was just the lighting in their pics that made it so visible. What I didn't want was another grey polish and Sarah confirmed my suspicion's when she posted her accurate swatch of Closing Night. The blue shimmer doesn't translate to the nail :( .

Nonetheless, I was still crazy excited about the polishes I DID pick up! Let me show you what they look like and how they compare to other Essie polishes. 

Lace Me Up

Yessssss! This is exactly the kind of pale pink I was looking for when Essie launched the core 42 shades of the Gel Couture line. And for a pale pink, this has such a great formula! It floats nicely on the nail and the wide curved brush makes it awesome to apply. I needed 3 coats to get this completely opaque but it self-leveled amazing. I'm in LOVE!

Lace Me Up vs. Fiji vs. Romper Room vs. Ballet Slippers

Because I kept seeing this shade as an ivory with just a hint of pink, I expected it to look exactly like Ballet Slippers.

Nope. It's definitely more pink toned than Ballet Slippers. But YOU GUYS! Lace Me Up is a dupe for the old Fiji before it was re-formulated to baby pink!!! Except that it's a waaaaaaaaay better formula. Like a hundred times better. You can probably see that my Fiji nail isn't completely opaque (after 3 coats!) and it also doesn't completely self-level so it gets a bit ridgy. Romper Room is a dupe for old Fiji, so it too is a dupe for Lace Me Up. I mean, Lace Me Up is ever so slightly a warmer pink than old Fiji and Romper Room but the difference is so minuscule you can't tell when it's on your nails.  This polish is a no-brainer. You need it in your life!

Perfect Posture

This very pale blue shade surprised me when it came in the mail. I was expecting it to be the Gel Couture version of Find Me An Oasis or Borrowed and Blue but it has some purple tones to it, making it much more of a periwinkle blue. I love it so much. The formula is fantastic, it's perfectly opaque and self-leveled in 2 coats.

Perfect Posture vs. Lilacism vs. Virgin Snow

Perfect Posture is definitely a dupe for Virgin Snow. Also if you have an old bottle of Lilacism that has changed colour on you, it's a pretty close dupe as well, although the old Lilacism is a bit more blue grey (but the difference is very slight). Remember how I got a brand new bottle of Lilacism and it was so pretty and super Lilacey? That's it on my pinky! Not so purpley anymore. It's well on it's way to being the same shade as my old Lilacism. I really should put it away in a dark drawer to stop it changing colour anymore. Boo! Despite all that, I still love Perfect Posture and if you love Virgin Snow you will love this one too.

Here's a pic showing you how different it looks from Borrowed & Blue and Find Me An Oasis. I also put First View in here to show you how different they are from one another.
Left to Right: First View, Find Me An Oasis, Borrowed & Blue, Perfect Posture, Virgin Snow, Lilacism old, Lilacism new.

At the Barre

I don't really own an almond shade of nude, so that's what intrigued me to order At the Barre. Now that I love nudes so much, I thought it was might be a pretty unique addition to my collection. I'm happy to say I like it! In some lighting it looks EXACTLY my skin tone so my fingers look really long, and in other lighting you can see that it's a deeper nutty shade. The formula is beautiful. It's opaque in 2 easy coats and self-levels nicely.

At the Barre vs. Lady Like vs. Spin the Bottle vs. Sand Tropez

I don't own Essie Picked Perfect from Spring 2015 but I wish I did because I think it would compare most closely here. But I did pick out some nudes from my collection that you might be curious to see next to At The Barre.   Ladylike has too much mauve in it and Sand Tropez is too grey and light, but Spin the Bottle is surprisingly similar! It's definitely a bit peachier but they have a similar tone.

I'm SOOOOOOOO happy with the three polishes I picked up from this collection! I might end up ordering more because this collection is so good.  Maybe I'll grab Satin Slipper? Or even Closing Night, despite the lack of noticeable blue shimmer. I'm a sucker for this formula! My favourite of the three was Lace Me Up but Perfect Posture is a very close second. I love At the Barre too, so I'm not disappointed in the slightest!

Did you get any from this collection? Which ones would you pick up?


  • Unknown said...

    Probably going to pick up At the Barre and Hold the Position (since I don't have Couture Curator). Your review has me wanting Lace Me Up, though! I might make an exception for a 3-coater...

  • Kindra said...

    Ugh! Can't believe I didn't think of comparing the two Sophilosia! Perfect Posture is lighter than Salt Water Happy (by a lot) and it's also got a touch of purple that SWH doesn't have. They are totally different enough to justify both. Hope that helps!

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