Essie Winter 2016 Getting Groovy Collection : Review, Swatches & Comparisons

Friday, October 14, 2016 14 comments

Hot on the heels of my (very late) review of the Essie Fall 2016 Collection, I have the new Winter 2016 Collection called Getting Groovy for you. I was surprised to find it on already and it arrived the day I got home from New York. Perfect Timing!

My first impressions on this collection as a whole was that it has a very vintage vibe. It reminds me a lot of the Retro Revival Collection and that's not necessarily a good thing. I disliked that collection a lot. The colour palette is similar as are the finishes.  Hmm...immediate points off. I very quickly loved the look of the pale grey and dark inky teal and the other ones were a toss up for me. Let's dive into the review & comparisons and see if Essie was able to change my mind on the rest!

Oh Behave!

This was the polish of the collection that I looked at and thought "really?" It is a sheer peachy pink full of pink and gold micro shimmer giving it a pearlized finish. This polish is straight out of another generation! The formula is really nice though. At two coats, it covered really well but I could still see my nail line. There's absolutely no streaking, so if you like the slightly sheer look you could definitely leave it at 2 coats. At 3 easy to apply coats, it's completely opaque and its actually not too terrible of a colour. I don't know how much I would wear this, but maybe it will grow on me?

Oh Behave! vs. Pinned Up

The gel couture polish Pinned Up was the only similar one I had in my collection. I have a feeling that Eternal Optimist is similar in colour to Pinned Up so it may compare here too, but I don't own it.

Pinned Up is a bit more subdued and has more of a nude tone to it, while Oh Behave! has more saturated peachy pink tones and of course, the pink/gold pearly finish.

Go With the Flowy

Hmm. This was the polish I was most excited for but I'm not digging this formula. It's super gritty and really reminds me of Private Weekend. The grittiness comes from the polish being packed with fine silver glitter. Despite the grit, it applies okay but it does make it harder to get a really smooth application around the cuticles since the grit can make it go a little jagged. Apply the second coat a little thicker and float it over the nail and it will cover completely. The shimmer in this isn't immediately noticeable, but it does catch the light and give you a subtle sparkle and it adds a pretty depth to this dove grey. It's actually super pretty on the nail, but I'm not in love with the formula.

Go With The Flowy vs. Make the Cut vs. Take It Outside vs. Cocktail Bling

My expectation was that Make the Cut and Go With the Flowy would be crazy close but they aren't. Make the Cut is a warmer taupe toned grey (almost like a lighter version of Take It Outside) and the finish is kind of pearlized. Go With the Flowy is a much cooler toned grey and you can actually see the fine glitter in it. I'm loving this shade the more I wear it to be honest.  I can get past the gritty texture. I also like that I can actually SEE the bit of sparkle in this polish, unlike Private Weekend.

Satin Sister

This was the other one I immediately was drawn to from the collection. It applies really really nicely and cleans up well if you get it in your cuticles. Usually these colours don't and it sorta stains or turns your cuticles blue when you try to clean it up, but this comes off perfectly. Opaque in 2 easy coats.

Satin Sister vs. Go Overboard vs. Pool Side Service vs. Mind Your Mittens

Okay...well this makes me love Satin Sister a little less. It's almost a complete dupe for Go Overboard. It's the slightest bit darker but on the nail they look very similar. Last year I did an Essie dark teal comparison and included The Perfect Cover Up because I borrowed it from my friend. I wish I had that one now to compare to Satin Sister because it was a bit darker than Go Overboard too. Either way, if you have either Go Overboard or The Perfect Cover Up then Satin Sister will be redundant. I mean, it DOES have a richer depth to it than Go Overboard and I like it enough that I will totally wear it this winter but I feel like I coulda passed on this one.

Ready to Boa

Okay now this one surprised me! This deep cranberry wine polish has very fine pink and gold micro shimmer in it giving this cool, lit from within effect. I really like the rich colour of this one and the finish doesn't feel outdated like Oh Behave. It has a really great formula too. Self-leveling, smooth and easy to apply. It's opaque in 2 coats.

Ready to Boa vs. Damsel in a Dress vs. Sable Collar

These were the only two polishes in my collection that were remotely similar to Ready to Boa and even then they were quite different. I had a request to see Ready to Boa next to Decadent Diva (Decadent Dish) but unfortunately I don't have it. Looking at swatches online, it definitely looks similar but I'm not sure how it would compare. I'm happy to add Ready to Boa to my collection though!

Getting Groovy

The colour is absolutely gorgeous. It is the perfect gold - not too yellow, not too dark, just sparkly and stunning. It also applies awesome and is perfect in 2 coats. I can see a lot of people loving this polish! It reminds me of the gold version of Beyond Cozy and Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low. It will make the perfect sparkly gold mani around the Christmas holidays.

Getting Groovy vs. Good As Gold

I don't have either Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low or Beyond Cozy to compare to Getting Groovy for you, but I think it's safe to say it's really different. I know Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low had a touch of gold in it but Getting Groovy is way more so. Next to Good As Gold, it's much brighter and more sparkly. Good As Gold actually looks pewter in comparison. The formula of Getting Groovy is also more forgiving than Good As Gold. Good As Gold likes to enhance every flaw in your nail so you need a good ridge filling base coat first, while Getting Groovy looked amazing even with no base. 

Party on a Platform

Kay. This is beautiful but boring. Like I said before, while I love deep reds we see them in every single Fall and Winter collection and there's a million in my collection. The formula is good and it applies nice and opaque and even in 2 coats. It's a pretty colour and a great polish if you don't have anything like it, but you can pass on it otherwise.

Party on a Platform vs. Dress to Kilt vs. Shall We Chalet? vs. Size Matters vs. Maki Me Happy vs. Bordeaux vs. Macks

Surprisingly, there's no exact dupes in this bunch but did I need another deep red? No not really. 
Left to Right: Dress to Kilt, Shall We Chalet?, Size Matters, Party on a Platform, Maki Me Happy, Bordeaux, Macks

Party on a Platform is similar in tone to Maki Me Happy from the fall collection, but Maki Me Happy is a shade darker. Dress to Kilt and Size Matters are a touch more cherry red while Party on a Platform is deeper. In regular indoor (lower) lighting they look the same, but if you go outside in bright sunlight you could pick out the slight differences. 

Shall We Chalet from last year's winter collection is way more red in comparison but Bordeaux and Macks are incredibly close. They have a jelly formula in comparison to Party on a Platform's opaque creme formula, but if you apply 3 coats you'll get the same deep red. Not 100% dupes, but honestly they are so close that if you own either Macks or Bordeaux you really don't need Party on a Platform as well.

Some mixed feelings on this Winter collection! When I see these colours lined up, they are really pretty but I could definitely do without the red and the pearly sheer pink. My favourite of the collection was Go With the Flowy. I can see myself wearing that a lot. That colour is totally my jam. Getting Groovy is gorgeous but I'll probably wear it for one holiday mani and put it away. If you do nail art it could be awesome for that though. I will also definitely be rocking Ready to Boa this winter and Satin Sister, but I'll be a little choked it's so similar Go Overboard. There's definitely some beauties in this collection worth picking up, but an Essie collector won't need all six.

What are your thoughts on this collection? Any polishes that immediately grab you?


  • Adry said...

    Excellent review and comparisons! How similar is the pink one to Stone & Roses? I love your review and I also liked the pictures with the flannel fabric, it adds a touch of winter and coziness. I think you are right, I don't need for example another red in my collection... how different can it be to all the reds released this time of the year with fall and winter collections?
    I think I am only getting Ready to Boa because I think that one is really beautiful!

  • Kindra said...

    I didn't even think of Stones 'n' Roses Adry! Good call! I just put them both on my nails side by side and they are definitely a similar shade of pink. Stones 'n' Roses is brighter and Oh Behave! looks subdued in comparison and of course has the gold pearly finish. But they are for sure in the same colour family and I should've compared them!

    I'm glad you liked the flannel fabric! It's a shirt I was wearing when I opened the box of polish and I was like "Hey! This is the same colour palette as my shirt!" Ready to Boa is a great choice, I really like that one.

  • Emma said...

    When you mentioned the Winter Collection 2016 in your last post I hadn't even seen promo pics yet! Needless to say I quickly fixed that, and after searching for pics I was...immediately disappointed! all I can say! Like you, I am not sure what they were thinking with that pink :( and another red, quelle surprise! The grey I was already meh about, but your description of the formula isn't making me want to purchase it either (not your fault!).
    The turquoise is nice but I have something super similar that I never pull out to wear, so not getting that one either.
    The only two I can see myself picking up are Ready To Boa and Getting Groovy. How was removal for the latter by the way? Coz I recently got a molten gold polish from BarryM which was just as difficult as a glitter to remove #nofun. But if I remember correctly, last year's Essie metallic Apres-Chic was super easy to remove, so I'm hoping it's the same formula :)
    Love these comparisons, your work is always much appreciated Kindra!!! :)

  • LaraLeaf said...

    A fantastic review! You make deciding on polishes so much easier! A big Thank You!
    I'm probably going to pass on most of this collection. My interest is peaked by RTBoa - I am a sucker for that lit-within look. And I am intrigued by the Getting Groovy. It seems all the gold glitter polishes I have are just so heavy in tone. This one looks more light-hearted, if there is such a thing. I am very fortunate that my body chemistry works wonderfully with UNT peel off. So easy to slide under the polish with an orange stick and lift it off! I have heard that, on some women, it (and other peel offs) doesn't work. Body chemistry is such a weird thing with the various polishes, bases, topcoats and treatments.

  • Kat said...

    Thanks for your swatches- awesome as always! I think I could give this whole collection a pass- so similar to other colours I already own :( Also is anyone else feeling that Ready to Boa could be a near match for Wrapped in Rubies?

  • Kat said...

    Ugh! Your swatches are awesome as always :) You have saved me some polish money in this case- I think I might give this whole collection a miss, too many similars :( Also is anyone else getting a Wrapped in Rubies vibe from Ready to Boa?

  • Kindra said...

    Colie - Thanks so much! Those are great choices to get from the collection.

    Emma - I'm always glad to hear when I'm not alone in my thoughts, and you felt the same underwelming feelings about this collection. Getting Groovy was super easy to remove. I mean I only had it on for like 10 minutes while I swatched and took pics, but when I went to take it off it was great. You get a little bit of the tiny glitter all over your fingers when you remove it, but after a bit more wiping it all came off. It wasn't a pain at all like some glitters can be!

    Laraleaf - I absolutely get you on Getting Groovy feeling "lighter"! That's definitely what it's like, not heavy at all. I'm also a sucker for the lit from within look, so Ready to Boa stole my heart and I wasn't expecting it to <3.

    Stephie Cruz - No problem!

    Kat - Thank you! I would say that Wrapped In Rubies has a really similar finish/feel but it's lighter and more red toned than Ready to Boa. Ready to Boa is a super deep wine colour. Hope that helps! Do you have Wrapped in Rubies?

  • Anonymous said...

    Amazing swatches! Thanks a lot for honest comments :) How would you compare Urban Jungle to Going with the Flowy? Are those two similar?

  • Annys Nails said...

    I also wondered how ready to boa compared to that one red shade from the retro revivals!...

    But as per usual! - i 100% love your blogposts! Like, so much! They are really helpful and so nice and enjoyable to read.
    I would love some additional color comparisons, maybe updated versions or whatnot.. simply because I love to see comparisons.

    Lots of love from Germany
    Ann xx

  • GayleG. said...

    It should be noted that Essie's "Ready to Boa" is the exact same shade as Essie's" Sassy Satchel"( from 2009) and still available from Amazon.
    Both swatches match! Gayle

  • Unknown said...

    I have purchased Getting Groovy, Ready to Boa, and Party on a Platform.

    I've worn the last two, but haven't worn GG yet. I loooooved RtB and I decided to buy Party on a Platform because I wanted a nice holiday red and even though I have Macks, now that I'm in the UK, I couldn't pass up the chance to get a regular Essie color with the wider paddle brush! Loving it so far! I was also swayed by your comments on its formula and opacity!

    - Jenn (jenntendo64/nailpolish_amateurhour)

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